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Smile Hopefully Optimistic

Hello TOG:

Here I stand hopefully optimistic.

I am embarking on another crazy quest to try and join a guild. I sit here typing with hopeful optimism that I am finally ready to be an active part of a guild. Still, I harbor misgivings. How can I, father of 5, information technology professional, active distance runner, and person who likes to SLEEP work a guild into my life? I am right now typing this introduction during time I have set aside for CISSP study.

I'm booked. It's a problem.

At the same time, I live in a town of 793 people in eastern Iowa. There is one bar sitting at the corner of the only 4-way stop in town. The grocery store is a BP convenience store. The post office was never completely returned after being destroyed in a tornado. Consolidated school district? We've got it. Pancake feeds and fish fry's? We've got them. It's a great place with great people. We love it here. My son plays every down of football. He is a linebacker, offensive tackle, kicker and punter. You can't buy that kind of integration for a young person. It's quiet. I can leave my doors unlocked and not worry about my flat screen TV.

Sounds great. So what's the problem?

No one here understands wanting to sit in your basement with an oversized PC playing computer games. To say I do not fit in well is an understatement. As great of a place this is for my family, it is just not right for me. I don't get the like-minded interaction I want. They don't even like the same football team here as I do. They are Hawkeye fans. <threw up a little> I am a diehard RED bleeding Husker fan. GBR!

So what to do?

I could actively search for like-minded people.

In one unsuccessful attempt, I looked for a pen and paper group with which to play. I found one in a town close by. They were playing 2nd Edition rules. . . Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hal . . What? It is on Tuesday mornings at 11:00. Good lord. Do you people have jobs? Anyone doing it in the evenings? An hour away? Scratch that.

Maybe I could try and enjoy the things other people here enjoy. . .

[author re-creation] I'm going in. Beer is firmly in hand. Pleasantries handled. Kids discussed. This is going well. Okay. They are talking snowmobiles. Why not? Nod your head. Look interested. Ask probing questions. Seriously? Seriously? We are going to spend an hour on the subject of snowmobile engines? Scratch that.

Or I could join a guild.

I am really enjoying these Neverwinter BETA weekends. The combat is interesting and the lore is Forgotten Realms. It is, after all, the land of Drizzt Do'Urden. I actually read the Legacy of the Drow series and The Dark Elf series BEFORE Icewind Dale, so I am only a wannabe fan. That said, I love the game and the setting. I love the devoted cleric. The speed of combat is great. I don't know if you have ever gone back to level 1 Everquest and then compared it to Rift, but this game is that much faster than Rift. The foundry? Seriously? I can make quests using the tools that game developers get to use. I am hooked.

My problem is that I am not the type to enjoy the silent gaming of PUG's. I need a guild.

I had a guild I enjoyed once. It was in the early years of Everquest. At that time, I really didn't give a hoot about my job. I had no kids. I was happy to be inactive and unhealthy. Mountain Dew and laying on the couch all day is awesome, but at 44 it is not an option anymore. There is no way I can match the kind of focus on a game I could do back then.

So what to do?

Find a guild that fits my life.

It would have to be big.
It would have to be long-standing.
There would have to be people in it that understand this long-winded post intimately.

So here I stand, hopefully optimistic.
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Welcome to TOG, your application has been reviewed and approved.

You now have full access to all parts of TOG including:
  • All TOG member only Forums
  • All TOG member only areas of the website
  • All TOG member only game divisions
  • All TOG game servers
Your membership also includes access to various get-together, events, contests, and other exclusives for this 25 and over only organisation.

For a complete list of everything your membership includes along with everything you might want to know in order to take advantage of your new membership, be sure to stop by to read the "New TOG Members' Guide"

Currently TOG consists of nearly 30 game divisions and over 58,000 registered members. There's also plenty of other cool stuff on TOG, so browse around & check it all out. We sincerely hope that you enjoy TOG for as long as you choose to. Feel free to spread the message to your friends and family who enjoy gaming and don't forget to have fun yourself!

All the best!
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That application deserves a big welcome
Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
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You're among good company!
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Harmless - Post: 17

Default Thanks

Thanks for the welcome!
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