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Default Application for a full membership

Hi there everyone.
Im not sure if I already have a full memebership or not.
I done this about 5 years ago too so Ill just copy and paste what I wrote then but with changes to reflect the time frame etc.


Hey guys and gals

Ive just joined up here after having a few games on the TOG server.

Let me say Ive been having some of the best games so far on your server.

Joining up and enjoying myself was the main reason for buying BF2142 and you guys have fulfilled (some) of my needs.

I am 41 and Ive got 2 boys so at times its real difficult to get a game until later at night.

Im based over in NZ in Auckland and would like to be come a member of the TOG Steam clan for Arma. Im currently learning this awesome game and would like to game with older players rather than the little bambis that seem to be online currently. Nothing like a bit of maturity eh.

Anyway once again thanks and I look forward to seeing you online soon.

Chur from NZ

Matt aka durtymac aka Crazyhorn (Arma)
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I knew I had applied previously.....

Here you go .
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Durtymac you are already a member and should have full access to the forums. If you are having any difficulty accessing forums please don't hesitate to contact myself or any of the mod/admin team

thank you Birko for the sig
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