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Default Kill_Quota New Application

Hey Guys.

I'm Adam or in game Kill_Quota.

I'm 24, turning 25 in 4 months which I know I'm under the age limit to be a full member but I think I have the maturity and fun laid back style you look for in a Gaming community. I've been playing with "Online Gaming Alliance" previously "Grim Reaper Death Squad" for the last 3 years, some of whom are now members of TOG.

I am a huge Battlefield fan and have been playing since BF2 came out. (really wish they bring back the dynamics of BF2 to the new Battlefields). I also play DayZ, War thunder and a number of other games.

I'm also into Video FX and make mainly intro scenes for videos (for those of you who make game videos, or anything really).

I'd really like to join TOG as I've played with many of it's members on Battlefield over the year and they always seem fair and usually dominate. I'm big into playing as a team and since I don't have one I'm finding Battlefield a real pain.

That's all from me, Looking forward to participating in this community.

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Thank you for your application.

Unfortunately we will have to wait till you turn 25 before we can process your application.

And what a birthday present that will be

I will close this application for the moment, we look forward to your new application when you turn 25
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