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Thumbs up Application to join TOG - Guild Wars

Hello all *waves*

I'd like to apply for membership in your Guild Wars division. I'm WAY over 25 (46) and have read and agree to abide by your FAQ and AUP.

I just purchased Nightfall and started playing on a buddy key last night since my game copy hasn't been delivered yet. So I'm definitely new to the game but not gaming. I started a dervish (Cattiva Icewalker), have no clue what I'm doing but I'm making good time.

I've played computer games since Temple of Apshai on the TRS-80 (in the 80's) and online games since Meridian 59 and Neverwinter Nights (old AOL online version). I've been in every MMORPG beta so far except the PvP only oriented ones like DAOC and Shadowbane.

I'm definitely the gamer in our family, with my 13 year old son following in my footsteps. My husband is a much more casual gamer with his time and has alot of other hobbies that take up a larger chunk of spare time. I introduced him to online gaming when were first dating when I got him in the Asheron's Call beta. Forever has it ruled his destiny. He also bought Nightfall locally last night so we can play together in that game as time allows.

I do have Teamspeak and the other game I'm currently playing is World of Warcraft on the Alleria server, alliance side in guild Call of Fate. I originally started with them in their horde division on Icecrown but that gradually went inactive due to loss of members that went to a more active guild. The highest characters I have are a 56th level dwarf hunter and 54th Night Elf druid.

I do alot of solo play, but am always happy to group up and help whenever I can. I'm an information junkie so I'm always reading up on the games I am active on, going over various websites on the games and reading the forums. Guild Wars is a fun game and it's definitely a nice bonus with no monthly fees to play. I have no interest in PvP (had enough of that in old Ultima Online days *shivers at the memory of losing my nightmare mount, good armor etc on an ambush by PVPers leaving a dungeon*

I look forward to seeing you all in-game and on the boards.

Have fun and be careful out there. The life/sanity you save may be your own.
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Welcome to TOG
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hello cat *waves back*
Welcome to TOG. admin should be through soon,
Originally Posted by Hicks
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Welcome to TOG, your application has been reviewed and approved.

You will now have full access to all parts of the TOG website
• All TOG member only forums
• All member only areas of the website
Undoubtedly you want to get started and the best place to start is to visit the main forum for the game in which you are interested, have a read of the sticky posts and other threads that catch your attention.

Introduce yourself and ask any further questions you may have.
You will find other TOG members most helpful if you take the time to ask any questions you may have.

The social heart of TOG can be found in “The Lounge Room”, where any topic is being discussed and debated. If you want to know the other TOG members across the whole of TOG visit the Lounge Room.
Want to know when the next real life get together is of TOG members, again the lounge room is the place to be.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy TOG for as long as you choose too, feel free to spread the message to your friends and family who enjoy gaming and don’t forget to have fun yourself!

All the best!

The Older Gamers!

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shall be killed by those with guns!!

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Welcome to TOG
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Welcome aboard! Stop by any game forum you are interested in and say hi. You should also find sticky posts there on how to get started with your fellow TOGers.
TOG Battlefield 2 North American Division Captain

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Welcome to the TOG's mate

Now that you have joined the rank's of TOG, check out the CODII forums

Enjoy your stay

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