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Exclamation TOG BF3 Server Rules

Oceanic Servers

How to Join a TOG Server
Enter "The Older Gamers" in the filter by server name in Battlelog, Click the Refresh and Save Filter Button in the bottom right corner or Click the link below.

The Older Gamers Battlefield 3 Servers

Server Rules
Players enter a server and see these rules posted:
Respect all players and play in good sportsmanship at all times.
- Player abuse and excessive swearing is not tolerated. Particularly foul language will result in auto-kick and a 72 hour ban.

- Do not attack the enemy UNCAP. You may return fire if fired upon. Avoid firing out of the UNCAP.
- You may attempt to steal enemy assets but must leave the UNCAP immediately.

Minor infractions will result in being sin binned for up to 24 hours. (Temp-ban)

Adhere to the TOG Server Rules of Conduct at all times.
Rule guidelines:
The Older Gamers Battlefield 3 Division
Server Rules of Conduct
Please Note: Game Op is the equivalent of "ADMIN" in game.

A. Player Behaviour Rules and Guidelines

To keep the servers a compliant, fun, fair and safe gaming environment for everyone, you may not engage in any of the following behaviour:

1. Abusing other players in-game over global, team, or squad chat. This includes TOG members, public players, members of other clans.

2. Disruptive behaviour and communication such as "trolling", harassment, "hackusations", queue jumping for vehicles, or other behaviour deemed disruptive and not in the spirit of the game.

3. Team kill other players intentionally - for any reason. This includes for assets, revenge, or other reasons. If you are team killed, raise the issue with a Game Op.

4. Excessive swearing or the use of offensive terms. This includes racist terms, "F bombs", "C bombs", the terms "****", "paedophile", or other particularly foul language. Although the game includes some offensive terms this does not give a license for players to fill the chat with offensive language. The Older Gamers encourages a civil environment for all players to enjoy.

5. Attempt to bypass the swear filter. This includes replacing letters with numbers, characters, or using other shorthand terms for the same effect.

6. Disobey a Game Op / Server Admin's in-game request.

B. UnCap Rules and Guidelines

An UNCAP area is the starting spawn zone represented by a rectangle on the map which does not have a flag zone to be captured by the enemy. The enemy also cannot walk into this area as they receive a "Return to the Battlefield" message. Spawn areas around flag zones are not considered an UNCAP area.

While there may on occasion be valid reasons to enter or attack an UNCAP area, generally you should avoid doing so as it is considered unsportsmanlike.

1. Avoid attacking the UNCAP zone as this is considered unsportsmanlike. Focus on playing the objectives (PTO) of the game mode.

2. Avoid firing out of the UNCAP as this is considered unsportsmanlike. Anti-Aircraft guns are an exception to this rule when firing at enemy aircraft only.

3. If fired upon from an enemy in the UNCAP zone, you may return fire at this enemy only.

4. You may attempt to steal enemy vehicle assets however you must leave the UNCAP zone immediately after hijacking them.

5. If an enemy team lose all objectives and find it difficult escaping the UNCAP zone, players may be asked by a Game Op / Server Admin to retreat to behind the nearest flag or another point of reference.

C. Mod, Hack and Cheat Prohibitions

1. There is zero tolerance within The Older Gamers for users of "hacks", "mods", and "cheats". If discovered and found guilty with evidence, you will be immediately banned from The Older Gamers forums and servers. Public players found to be using a "mod", "hack", or "cheat" and / or exploiting "glitches" in the game will be removed and permanently banned from all TOG servers.

2. We do not respect "hackusations" during gameplay, if you suspect someone and / or can provide evidence of a cheater then raise it with a Game Op or PM the BF3 Leadership Team.

3. Exploiting errors in the level designs to obtain access to areas beneath the map or otherwise inaccessible is considered "glitching".

4. MAV riding is now considered glitching. Do not do it.

5: Keep off Tehran Highway Overpass. If you parachute by accident onto this get off immediately.

D. Appealing Bans and / or Game Op Decisions

1. The Older Gamers BF3 Division's Game Ops are held to a high standard of accountability and integrity. You will not see our Game Ops interfere with the game or players without just cause. We keep logs of all server activity to ensure we can review actions where necessary.

If you feel a Game Op has acted inappropriately please contact the TOG BF3 Leadership Team with the details of the event. We will need the date, time, which server the incident occurred, the players involved, and a description of what happened.

2. If you would like to appeal a ban you will need to contact the TOG BF3 Leadership Team with the correct details. We will need the date, time, which server the incident occurred, the players involved, and a description of what happened.

3. The TOG BF3 Leadership Team aims to reply to all appeals with a final decision within 72 hours (3 days). In most cases it will be sooner, however we need the time to review the evidence and discuss the event with the Game Ops involved where necessary.
Ultimately, players are expected to have a shot at solving an issue within the game mechanics first (within reasonable means) before elevating to a Game Op. At the end of the day, the Game Ops will apply these guidelines with common sense to help encourage a fair and fun playing environment for all players. Please respect their decisions at all times.

Conquest Mode
- Conquest has an uncap area (Main Base) for each side.

Conquest Assault Mode (Back to Karkand)
- Conquest Assault mode has an uncap area for the attacking side. The defending side does not have an uncap and thus once they lose all flags and all players die before recapping one the game is lost.

Rush Mode
- The initial "Deployment Area" for Attackers in Rush mode is classed as an "Uncap".
- Once the first two MComs are destroyed, there are no more protected spawn areas.

Uncap = "Uncapturable Spawn Zone"
This is represented as a rectangular box on the map. It can not be captured as per a normal flag point.

Contact Info
For Inquiries such as scrims, prac's, etc use the Contact Tog forum or pm any one of the Leadership Team below.

If you have a complaint or would like to appeal a ban decision contact the Division Vice Captains Shrubbo (AU/NZ), or Jakob_Pavlov (NA/EU DVC) via PM.

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- No strafing the UNCAP spawn zone in jets or helicopters.

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Updated with latest version 26 March 2012.
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Updated 9th-April-2012

Please note gentlemen that rules regarding MAV riding have been changed. DICE has deliberately tried to patch it out and failed but that clear intention now makes it easy.

No MAV riding please.

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