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Question So what makes battlefield?

Seems to me that Battlefield 3 is generating a lot of new players to the fold. I'm sure many of them, as I do, are wondering what really sets the BF franchise apart from other FPS games (like Call of Duty for example).

Without going into the realm of "walls of text" could a few BF vet's give us noobs some insights on what we can expect will be different, whats the real flavor of Battlefield games?

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For me it's vehicles. And not just a turret, or a tank - it's the whole gamut of what you'd see on a battlefield (sort of). It makes, in theory, a multi-layered battlefield which you just don't see anywhere else.

Everything is player controlled, so no "helo strike" perk - you want a gunship, go get it, learn to fly it and become master of it's strengths and weaknesses.

But - one of the most popular game-settings of BF2 were the infantry-only maps... so it's more than that. It's the open maps, no corridors and the options that then presents.

It's a better game-world than any other FPS I've played.
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Large Maps compared to COD
Large Player Numbers BF3 will 64 Players on PC
Assortment of planes , Tanks , Helos , Vehicles
Team Work based play based on how squads are setup , weapon selection not everyone is same class
Hierarchy , Leadership roles to assign objectives to squad or in BF2 case was commander down
Working Comms haven't played a FPS with decent in game comms since BF2
Dedicated servers well over some COD titles

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Originally Posted by Binary-Ninja View Post
Dedicated servers well over some COD titles

It's sad that gaming has dropped to where that's almost a bonus feature.

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+ 1 BN

It's the complete package. The previous BF games had vehicular combat no other game could touch. Very well integrated into an overall arcade feel FPS. But the infantry was lacking something. It was never bad, but MW1 raised the bar. BC2 has, IMO, beaten that significantly, but it was a last minute console port, and lacked certain elements that BF3 will provide.

Teamwork is another factor. And it's not a simple scissors paper stone, setup. There are any number of ways to solve problems, and they all rely on good teamwork to a level no other FPS series comes remotely near. The vehicles combine with the inf to make taking down tanks like co-op bossfights.

BF3 is going to have all the elements to make it massive.

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large well designed maps, fluid gameplay, lots of toys, lots of players

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Its the only game where I don't mind if I cause my carpel tunnel syndrome or arthritis to become worse because of it.

If that doesn't say it all I don't know what does.

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The one thing that BF2 had that BC2 doesn't was in game voip,you had squad talk and the squad leaders had comms with the commander,so you had a number of squads being directed by the commander who could 'see' the whole game unfolding and direct squads to defend or attack flags.
If BF3 has open maps like 1942,Vietnam and BF2,players only used to the COD series (except UO which had some great maps and vehicles) will have to learn to utilise vehicles and squad leaders (spawn points) to get to their objectives.

Going on past BF games not a lot of game play for 'snipers' I'm gonna camp here and rack up points,the game is too fluid and the action constantly moving
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The battlefield series is the best there is, plain and simple.
I have played them all, mostly on the PC, i have switched over to console 3 years ago.
So now i play BFBC2 on my PS3 atleast a couple of times every week.
Almost every match i experience WOW moments that put a smile on my face.
The sound is just awesome, its the best there is, it just sounds real.
Hearing the helicopters whizz by overhead, feeling the controller shake in your hand because a tank rolls by,while your hiding behind a wall waiting to hit him from behind with a rocket.
BTW on the playstation voice coms is integrated into every game, in that aspect MAG has the best voice coms.

players in squad can talk to each other.
8 players = 1 squad (squad leader can talk to platoon leader)
4 squads= 1 platoon (platoon leader talks to commander)
4 platoons= 1 company (commander talks to everybody)
A cool feature is that you can hear people talking that are in your neighbourhood, but because they are not part of your squad you hear them softly in the background.

Also these kind of headsets are the best for gaming, this way you only hear voices speaking in your ear and no game sound another bonus is that it adds to the realism.

And for those who are missing out on BFBC2 here is why its awesome.


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Comparing COD and BF is NEARLY like comparing apples with oranges. Yes, they're both FPS, but so is TF2 and it's in it's own category again.

I came from BF originally and started playing COD when my PC couldn't handle BFBC2. I found it very different. I find COD to be much more "arcadey" than BF. The skulls over your team mates dead body as an example.

As stated before, the other MAJOR difference is the vehicles in BF.

Kinda not really THAT important, but I spent 380hrs or something playing BF2142 and still never got to the highest rank. I've spent 190hrs in BO and got to the highest rank twice now. The BF series (in my experience) has required more dedication to rank up and unlock all the weapons.

Now, in saying all that, I'll be buying BF3 Stupid IW taking away my dedicated servers *grumble grumble*

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