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Default BF3 Alpha information

Some interesting findings but some of this info may not make it for release.

Buttload of ALPHA info - Electronic Arts UK Community

Some new things that can be learned from these videos:
Glock 17, MP7, M1911, SV98, M27 IAR, G36C, M1014 are confirmed weapon

The M1911 in the video, interestingly, can have 9 rounds before reloading. A standard M1911 has a 7-round magazine and can have one more in the chamber, making it 8 rounds total IRL. This could be either a mistake/balancing act, or maybe extended magazines on your sidearm?

The mini-map can be enlarged (so can my...).

Unlike BC2, you can see your own legs when you look down.

M1014 has a four-round magazine. Expandable??

Rear knife kills are worth an extra 300 points

Below the ammo counter is a progress bar to the next unlock for that weapon

Aircraft can use an unlockable perk called "Stealth"

You get 10 points for having a squadmate spawn on you (if you're squad leader). A new video shows you get a 200-pt ribbon for many spawns.

You get 50 points for ending an enemy's kill streak.

The LAV-26 IFV has 6 shots before cool-down, like the M3A3 in BC2.

Body shots are not one hit kill with the SV98, like in BC2. How it varies with range, I'm not sure.

There is an "accuracy kill" ribbon

Players killed by falling debris is listed as "(Player) is no more" in the kill feed. Could this mean that kills by destruction don't count?

If the front sight post blocks the view of the optic, it won't be shown when in iron-sight mode, but will be shown in idle.

A silver star is worth 10,000 points.

Revives are now 100 points.

In the Shotgun/SV98 video, there seems to a lunge with the knife.

You can tell when your soldier is ready for a rear knife kill when you aim at the enemy's back and your soldier will lift his knife up and point it forward.

In the multiplayer montage, it seems that music will play when the very final M-COM is armed, and the song will climax near detonation (as will I).
Attachment unlocks may be per weapon (than per class, like in BC2).

In the sniper video, the player got enough points to unlock the ACOG 4X scope after using his MK11. Later, he picks up a fallen enemy's SVD, picks up some kills, and unlocks the PSO-1 4X (A Russian ACOG equivalent compatible with only AK-style rifles) scope. I don't know what to make of this, really.

In the destruction video, it seems that the parts of a building where a player cannot reach are not destructible. Instead, an explosion creates a small crater and some debris particle.

Spotting the squad leader puts a spot marker with a star above the player
You're awarded 10 points for killing the last member of a squad

In other videos, you can see what happens after you win a game. It looks like there won't be any cut-scenes at the end of a match; instead, you'll be taken to a review of your stats. This is still only alpha stage though, so they could still throw in cut-scenes in the beta/final version.

lawlzelotz: The way you earn points with vehicles is based on vehicle type now.

Vehicle classes appear to be, Mobile AA, IFV, MBT, Attack helicopters, Jets

thanatosofail: Theres also Scout helicopters see:[removed] As for weapons, the G36c is in the game see: [removed] I saw the M27 IAR in the top right scoreboard, I'll try to find a screen shot Edit: here it is [removed]

Juddernawt: The music will play when the mcom is about to blow and when tickets get low. Attachments unlocks are per weapon like in MoH, as well as ribbon awards. The first specialization I unlocked was a Sprint Boost which is 5%, then Ammo Boost which is a 50% increase, and then another Sprint Boost which is 10%. You are able to use these with all kits. I have played maybe 5-6 hours and am a rank 7.

I haven't been able to see the previous levels, but to get to level 8 is 39,000 points and not 500,000 like was shown in the pics. Also, from the Award Progression screen I noticed some interesting things. There are claymores, laser designators, and radio beacons as there are medals for them.

Juddernawt: The weapons I see so far are this: Assault: Ak-74M, M16A4, G3 Engineer: M4A1, G36C Support: M27 IAR (seems like a lalalalaing beast since I get wiped out quick with it), RPK, M-249 Recon: MK11, SVD, SV98 General: MP443, M9, M1911, Glock 17, M1014, MP-7, M-416, Pecheneg

Juddernawt: You can press F to do the quick knife. It will just swipe if you're not right up on someone like in BC2. I haven't killed anyone with just the swipe. I've noticed that with both quick knifing or wielding it you will get the animation if you're behind them.

tom1226: Didn't see anyone put this, but in a couple of instances (first noticed it in MCOM Defuse video) where players are shot in close proximity to a wall/floor a blood spatter is left on the surface.

In the M-COM defuse video, the player is on the Russian team but American radio voice-overs are used. My guess is that it's not implemented yet in the Alpha.

I like that they've correctly portrayed the AK sights. When you look through the sights of an AK in MoH and BC2:Vietnam, they angled the weapon down so that the rear sight is below the front sight, which makes it more open. This looked to tacky for me.
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Multiple Devs have now indicated that the Alpha Test has ended.

"Jakob_Pavlov is a known issue and will be dealt with in the next patch." - bigtabs
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Aww, I subscribed to EA's crappy newsletter in the slim hope they'd throw me a bone.
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start praying for the closed beta
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