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Default IMO The best info on BF3 to date

No more infinate 40mm, has been replaced with infinate c4
no more rev-die loop
no more invincible rev


-Is medic now.

-You get paddles right from the start. The paddles are not insta-revive like in BC2. you have to be prone or crouched next to the fallen soldier to revive him. They can opt out of the revive. You only get points once they accept the revive and get up. Once you zap someone they go into a last-stand stage where they can fire their gun. If they get killed in that stage you cannot revive them again, they die for good. There is no invulnerability period while getting up and you do not revive with a full health instantly but your health fills up to full two seconds or so later after you get up.

-Alpha weapons were standart AR fare with attachments for front grip, holo sight and laser sight. Grip reduces recoil and laser sight is a laser dot that increases your hipfire accuracy and also blinds the enemy if you shine it to their face. On the flipside it can give your position away. It can be toggled on and off.

-Medkit starts working instantly and fills up your health slowly. In the alpha you didnt get any points for heals so I am not sure how much point if any they will give.

-Grenade Launcher is a seperate weapon that replaces the medkit's place. It works exactly like the underbarrel grenade launchers in BC2 but is harder to aim because it's ironsights take up the entirety of the screen.

-Overall this is a great class and the majority of the people were playing assault.


-Weapons are LMG's. The two weapons he has in alpha, one of them is a nice all around assault rifle like weapon with smaller clip size but with the grip attachment you can use it like a AR and the second one is a big magazine innacurate as hell LMG designed to send shitload of bullets towards what you are aiming. With the extra ammo attachment the second LMG gets 200 bullet clip size and you can fire that poo poo for 30 seconds or more before you have to reload.

-Gets the ammo box, same as assaults in BC2. You only got points for squad member ammo refills in the Alpha. At first I thought you had to interact with the ammo box to refill ammo but thats not the case, it is the same as it was in bc2 but the area of effect seems to be much smaller.

-Gets c4 and claymores. Can refill own c4 with own ammo box. C4 explosions look amazing and shake the whole world if you are close to it. Claymore, nobody unlocked yet, you need an insane amount of points to unlock it in Alpha but I do not doubt I will see it before the alpha is over since some people are playing it 24/7.

-You can play this class as a frontline assault class or a mid line area of denial class that just sprays bullets around. They make a loving amazing defence class when you put your c4 to use. You can just plant c4 in one exit and then go prone and set up your bipod for the lmg and cover the other side and you are a one man goddamn army.

-Speaking of bipod. You set it up by getting close to something and aiming down sights while you are crouched or prone. If you crouch near a waist high wall and crouch and aim down sights you set up the bipod on the ledge. While prone if you ads you set it up on the floor. Bipod reduces recoil a whole lot on the LMG's (you still have a lot of recoil though so forget about holding down trigger and having any accuracy)


-Has the ak74u and some other gun on the alpha plus the rocket launcher.

-Rockets do BC2 rpg like damage to infantry. Direct hit is a kill but splash damage wont kill unless they are wounded. I will talk about rocket damage to vehicle later when I mention the only vehicle in the alpha.

-Repair is some sort of welding torch that does not overheat. It seemed to repair slower than the drill did in BC2. I have not managed to Weld anyones face with it though I tried many times.

-Overall feels like a good class but haven't played much since you have no incentive to play engineer in the alpha other than to blow up the vehicle in the first section of the map as defenders.


-Recon starts with a semi-auto sniper rifle and unlocks sv98 bolt action next in the alpha.

-Had no abilities or unlocks available in the alpha other than the sv98.

-The sniper scope has a sway now which makes hitting targets at range pretty drat hard without holding down your breath. You hold down shift to hold down breath and it is good for 3-4 seconds and then you have to wait another 5-6 seconds before you can hold your breath again.

-The semi auto sniper rifle took about 3 shots to the body to kill. Sv98 takes 2 body shots to kill or 1 headshot.

-If you are aiming at an enemy while you are prone and looking down sights, the enemy can see the flash of your scope if they are looking at you if they are also aiming down sights. It is a pretty drat big and noticeable flash so don't expect to go Vasily and hide in a corner and get kills while you are prone under a bush thinking nobody will ever know where you are.

-I can't say much about this class or how useful or bad it will be in the final since none of the recon abilities were available in the alpha. We will see in the beta I suppose.
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That's a nice summation - I'm starting to tend towards a medic now, will probably float between it and Assault for the most part, I guess we'll see how vehicle-centric some maps are.

I'm digging a little nerfing on the sniper. There are instances where setting up a tent and sniping is beneficial but it can get pretty farcical when too many people on one side (particularly an attacking side on a rush map) do it and don't want to advance. If their tent is often exposed, perhaps it'll dissuade some of them from trying to protect their precious K/D and actually help out with an objective. Bailed on a wookie wall again the other night when 75% of the team were wookies well behind the action.
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Thanks for the info Bru1zer, liking the Assault, Support and Engi classes.
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Thank for the info.
In BF2 and BFBC2 I played a Medic so it will be refreshing to be that guy AND be an Assault
Interesting, very interesting indeed.
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I tended to play a lot of Support in BF2, its looking like that will be my dominant class in BF3 too
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Im just happy to have feet!

Oh yes and the other cool stuff as above.

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I will still find a way to hide my wookie and piss everyone off , already have a load of ideas to try out
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HAhaha , sniper scope flash , meh , they tried this in Farcry when it came out , the snipers just stopped looking down it all day and started scope snapping ....and Quick scoping was born ....Snipers have their time and place in all the BF games , its just when you have 60%+ of wookies on one team out 16 players , is when the class starts coping bad rep.
To be honest they need to go the same way BRINK did , no Kill / Deaths ...just points ...the change of mental gameplay is amazing.

Also .they need to make smoke grenades a optional nade instead of the regular one , so any class can help in a smoke and go situation.
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+1 on the no K/D from me best change they could make to the game.
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Want to stop wookies? Smoke Grenade their hideouts. Works like a charm
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