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its funny the amount of people loading origin up each day to see if it appears is growing can't wait to try it.
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Originally Posted by rawprawn View Post
Mine gave me a choice o choose between different countries LE versions i.e. Mine seemed to know mine was LE.
Same here, but it wouldn't recognise my BC2 code, the original BF2142, nor BF2, but managed to recognise the Northern Strike DLC. Go figure.

No BF3 beta info appearing as yet.... sitting here, impatiently staring at Origin is giving me a headache.

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I connected my MOH steam key to Origin as well. Couldn't get my mass effect 2 steam key to work though. Also tried my bf2 and 2142 but they don't have digital records of the keys before 2008 or something like that. So can't put older games on there. Got dragon age 1 as a disk though so hopefully that will work... When I find it.

And yes C4.... I also check origin like every day now. Beta now!!! Lol

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Ok I'm officially starting to get a little edgy now...... I need the beta to hurry up and release or I'm going to go insane
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Like I said.. Monday was a holiday.. doubt you'll see or hear ANYTHING until at LEAST tomorrow.
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I've linked my BC2 to Origin. But it just tells me it's ready to download. I don't want to download it AGAIN, I want it to see my current installation.
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Adding my physical (DVD) BC2 to origin worked for me, it even found my current installation on another partition. Been playing a bit with origin in-game - thank god it has a built in web browser - no need to alt-tab (usefull when Battlelog comes online).

For anyone who has trouble adding their Physical copy of BC2 to Origin, if it comes up with an error and shows a link - click the link and follow it to add the copy.

With 2142 and BF2 - you will have to go through the customer support thing that EA has as Origin won't add games that were purchased/released before 2009 - don't listen to them if they say they can't add them - ask to speak to someone higher - but when they do they invalidate the current keys and issue you new ones. Found this out from reading the UK battlefield forums.
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Thanx for the tip mate, BC2 added.

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