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Default [Rumour] BF3 Rush : Overtime

Rumour is that Overtime will be played if the attackers tickets drop to zero but the M-Com is armed; so it'll end on a defuse.....or a Boom!

Sounds like a good change (if it turns out to be more than a rumour).....always gutting as an attacker to hear the siren going off in the end game screen!

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A welcomed change, hope it's accurate.
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Can only hope...
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I would politely disagree - the purpose of the time limit is to stop campers and make sure it's armed and defended.........meaning an entire squad needs to rush and defend it............not 1 guy while the rest sit back and snipe

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I always wondered why there wasn't overtime on a planted MCOM, provided it's the 2nd MCOM.

Any kills made during overtime should be deducted from the next MCOM tickets if the bomb is not defused.
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The rebirth of the last minute zerg is on!

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yeah hopefully it is true

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I like it!

Good idea, especially if it is a hard fought match and should go down to the wire!
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