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Default PAX impressions of BF3

User impressions of BF3 from PAX - Electronic Arts UK Community

So just spent a wonderful weekend at pax. managed to get into the coop both on Saturday(line was outrageous) and also played TDM 12v12 on pc.

So to to impressions.

Spent prolly about 15 minutes playing the co op demo on PS3. Never actually won cause I cannot aim with a ps3 controller at all. So my overall experience was frustrating.

The grahpics were really good for being on the ps3. The sounds were nothing short of amazing too. The map design was very linear but kept the action flowing. But that's all I can really say about the coop. Nothing really stands out in my mind because I was so annoyed that I couldn't aim at all


So the line was amazingly short for the freeplay of TDM. And by far the best thing I did at pax.

The dirt time I played was Saturday night and all I can say is it was a helluva lot of fun. And I don't even like TDM.

The map was OpMetro and it was the last stage of the map. All of the weapons were unlocked even though we were level 1. The gunplay was quite frantic. Grahpics were nothing short of amazing. they also lowered the bullet damage from alpha levels it seemed.

Today I went in for a few more rounds and it was even better than Saturday! It felt like it was a new build. Mouse movement improved and also the bullet damage felt the same as alpha now(which I like, bullets that kill people, what a concept!). Also they said that if you use the defibs it would cause a CTD. Which didn't happen on Saturday.

A few things I noticed.

3d spotting has changed. When you mark someone and the go behind cover of any kind and you loose LOS the dorito disappears instantly. Also you cannot mark people hiding in bushes and what not.

Felt like there was more recoil.

Pistols have different types. So for example you can select either a 1911 w/ suppressor. Or 1911 with flashlight or stock 1911.

An94 was bugged. When using 2 round burst you could hear it the first time but then there was no sound. Also had super high recoil.

I didnt see a m16a4, only a m16a3. On Saturday it still said m16a3 but had all 3 modes. On Saturday it only had auto and single.

Kill cam is in. Bc2 style. (FAIL)

M320 with flechettes is lalalalaing cool!

Other than that I can't really think of anything, I'm so lalalalaing tired!

EDIT forgot to mention that I didn't see any commorose. Unless it was there and I didn't find the button.


Also forgot. The health regen changed. It now takes about 20 seconds or so to start and you gain about .75 HP per second.
Another thing is suppression is a lot better. When suppressed it goes into super tunnel vision mode. Like you can only see like a little bit in the middle of the screen. Also takes about 10 seconds to fully go away. Me likey!!!
Interesting 3D spotting change although it should also be a server side option to switch it off completely ala BC2.
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HEh I kind of like it. Can't see it anymore, can't spot it

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Spotting was the best thing about BC2, I would constantly get into arguments with my friends who refused to play anything but pure hardcore, which 9 times out of 10 would normally result in 20 mins of us trying yet failing to work as a team then we'd all leave to play something else. One night I get them into a regular server and we're spotting and communicating so much better, we play for like 4 hours straight. Next night, they all refuse to play anything but hardcore again!!!! FUKLSDJKL!

Honestly, I think hardcore mode was just some big injoke or social experiment by DICE. "Let's break the game and watch how many fools opt to play that simply because we called it 'hardcore' hahaha"
. . . .
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3D spotting in BC2 is really great for pub players, until they get used to it. The more you play the more annoying it gets - it means you can't develop skills to time movement and shooting, that once an enemy sees you the only thing to do is get in cover and sit there until the cheese triangle has gone from above your head. And you better not give any indication of where you're going once in cover, because they can see you moving up stairs, or round to another door. It also means you can't hide in foliage, and even if you put three or four layers of trees between you and whoever is shooting you, you can't dodge bullets from 75metres away any better than if you were two metres away. BF still has the mini-map to use. It puts things at one remove, which is nice.

IMO 3D spotting should be off by default, but on for low-rank servers. But then again, I'd love more people to get involved in the game, and 3D spotting makes the game feel easier to play.

EDIT: Definitely agree about hardcore mode though. There was never a top 20 team in Aus that preferred hardcore: those that knew what they were doing didn't like it, save as an occasional distraction. Then again, you could say the same about rush mode

The odd clan did crop up saying that the vanilla teams just didn't get it, that hardcore was a better game. Most of them disappeared very quickly; after convincing one or two teams to play them and subsequently receiving a sound thrashing. The Girffins once encountered such a group, and lost three or four tickets each round of the hardcore match we played. Oddly enough the other team did much better in normal ladder mode. I believe it was a common misconception.

I agree that it should be possible to play hardcore well as a team, but no one's ever had the commitment to manage it. If they did they might get taken seriously

Super Fine Pitch

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Will sniperz be OP though?

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