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MrTuffa 30th October 2011 11:21 AM

M224 Mortar - Upgrades?
I've unlocked the mortar (and the Pecheneg, now onto the M240) and using it a bit on the tight maps; Grand Bazaar, Seine Crossing, Op Metro. Great weapon but a little inaccurate and blast radius not so great.

Does anyone know if there are upgrades for the mortar after 'x' amount of kills?

If no upgrades specifically for it, are there any specialisations I can apply which will increase the blast effect?

Also, has anyone noticed Battlelog doesn't properly record kills for the Mortar. And for the other equipment weapons it doesn't report the time used.


Shrubbo 30th October 2011 02:34 PM

It looks like you can have smoke rounds as well and you equip it by sacrificing your ammo box. I gather that is how you put smoke rounds in? Dunno have not done smoke yet.

Battlefield 3 Mortar - Battlefield 3

The Mortar in Battlefield 3 is a deployable 60mm mortar that is unlocked and used by the Support class. The mortar can be used with both high explosive shells, and smoke grenade shells as well. The mortar in Battlefield 3 works with the player first deploying it, where after the mini map expands and the player can select a target. The Mortar can be equipped instead of the resupply ammo box.
Also yeah have noticed the kill count is bugged :)

MrTuffa 31st October 2011 12:36 AM

Hey shrubbo, thanks for the tip. Noticed that before the last round too...the one where you slaughtered me on seine

Shrubbo 8th November 2011 10:15 AM

Turns out it's simple. Deploy mortar. Default is explosive, press 2 for smoke. 1 to go back to explosive.

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