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PITDOG 13th December 2013 11:58 AM

operation lockers "INTENSE" :D
Wow ran around in Lockers for a while .
Full On Chaos lol
RPG's work really well on that map was my conclusion !
what is your favorite kit/weapon ????

pSYCHOwOOKIE 25th December 2013 07:54 PM

Love this map reminds me of BC2 days. Fav weapon depends on what im playing Obliteration or conquest Most of the time I use a Shotgun and Support as Ammo is a must on this map and being able to stop a squad in there tracks with a SG while protecting the bomb carrier. On conquest I run AR, Carbine or even SG but dump plenty of Med packs and reivive where I can. Its a mad map need more like it.

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