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A small place made of straw where my things are kept.
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Plate Art

Posted 11th July 2009 at 09:13 PM by Ashlann
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A few friends at work and I like the food at a local bar. We go there fairly often for lunch, have a quiet pint and wind down for a bit. As such, we tend to know most of the staff, and we assume they recognise us.

Last week, we got a bit creative with the left-overs. It started with me making a square out of the left over chips, then eyes were added. From there, everyone got involved and what resulted can best be described as, well, a masterpiece of "improvisational organic expressionism". We thought we'd present it to the waitress when she came to clear the tables, just to give her a bit of a laugh.

So, when she came and picked up the plate and clearly didn't see what was on it at all;

I said, "We left you something"
She replied, "Oh, thanks, I don't eat fatty foods"

We all looked at her blankly, and pointed out what was on the plate, and she said;

"Oh right, thanks. I'm really not hungry."

..What is more disturbing here? That she couldn't see what was here on the plate, or that she actually thought we were offering her our scraps to eat?

Take a look at this image of the creation and tell me what you think:

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