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This blog will be a meditation on games, gaming, and gamers. Especially those of us who have been playing the gaming game for a while. The title is from "Legend of Zelda: Link's Adventure," because who but an Older Gamer would remember that?
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How to Lose at Video Games Without Really Trying

Posted 13th December 2010 at 04:58 AM by daranthered

By most standards I'm a pretty good loser. As a tactical thinker a generally treat a loss as feedback that helps to refine my strategy. Though I'm not one of those people who picks up a game and runs straight through it, I usually take comfort in the fact that after a few runs through, I'm pretty hard to beat.

Sometimes I am reminded that my attitude is by no means the prevalent view among gamers, especially amongst the younger generation. it seems like you can't play an MMO, or an FPS these days without having to listen to at least one tirade how it's all your fault, or the team's fault, or everyone but that young voice's fault that you wiped, or didn't win the map. I could say this is because young people today are ill-mannered compared to when we were that age, but I don't think this is so. While we didn't have headset communication when I was in my teens, I remember numerous boardgames, table-top role playing games, and collectible card games that ended in grousing, a few that ended in thrown objects. Young people are still just learning how to behave, it's part of growing up.

What I really have a problem with is when I hear older voices coming through the line with a string of profanity, cursing a blue streak because a random group of people could not function as a cohesive unit given thirty second of prior talk time. While this is idiotic behavior in randomly assigned groups, it's just inexplicable in groups of people who know each other. If you're working on your 40 man, or your strategy for a map on any given FPS, it's counterproductive to get mad at your teammates for making mistakes, much less for losing to a better team through no real fault of their own. Some of the attitudes I see from veteran game players would get that person kicked out of the NFL. The NFL!

Games are not automatic win machines. They exist to set up problems that we then have to use our brains to solve. More people should enjoy the process of solving those problems. Just as in life, it's not about getting there, it's about what you do on the way
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