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This blog will be a meditation on games, gaming, and gamers. Especially those of us who have been playing the gaming game for a while. The title is from "Legend of Zelda: Link's Adventure," because who but an Older Gamer would remember that?
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Oh Christmas List, Oh Christmas List.

Posted 18th December 2010 at 03:02 PM by daranthered

I like to think that I know the true meaning of Christmas. I like to think that I grew out of my "gimme, gimme, gimme" phase before I was in my twenties. I enjoy hot chocolate on snowy days, Christmas lights, singing carols (not personally, my voice is horrible), and the relatively stable nature of my faith at this time of year.

There is a part of me, however, that can't help but look at the bounty that industrial civilization has brought us and say; "I want that."

The following are some of the choicest bits I've found, most especially those things that relate to games. But also a few generally Geeky items as well. maybe the following will give some of you an idea of what to put on your lists, or perhaps help find something for that hard to shop for gamer in your life.

The first thing that caught my eye this year is the Nintendo Monopoly* set. Monopoly is fun, and I can just imagine the arguments now:
"I want to be Samus, you can be Link's sword."
"You got to be Samus last time, you can be Kirby."
"Nobody wants to be Kirby."

*One rule of Geek thumb here: make sure the person you're buying this for does not already have an over abundance of licensed monopoly games. The year Star Wars Monopoly came out, I got six of them.

The next item has been out for a while, but has been indispensable to me as a way of staving off boredom. Command and Conquer: The First Decade, collects every C&C game from the original, through C&C Generals: Zero Hour. These games are still challenging despite their age, and I can't emphasize enough how satisfying it is to while away an hour or two frying the Allies with your Tesla Coils. Also, it's nice and cheap.

Something the whole family can enjoy is Lego Harry Potter: Years: 1-4. There has yet to be a bad Lego game. There have, however, been some very bad Harry Potter games. So, if you want something that's fun, Harry Potter, and good, this is the pretty much what you're stuck with. When it comes to platform, pick your poison. I played the Wii version, but I'll probably buy this one for Xbox 360, for the slightly better graphics quality, and my carpel tunnel syndrome.

While I'm on the subject; I love LEGO. From the number of videos posted in the forums of wondrous LEGO creations, I know many of you do as well. Something that's definitely on my Christmas list this years is LEGO Architecture: Falling Water. This part of a series of famous building that you can buy as a kit. I just can't think of anything as marvelously pretentious as having a Frank Lloyd Wright building made entirely out of LEGO on my desk.

Well, that's about it from me. I hope I gave you some ideas for gifts, or avenues in which to find gifts. Merry Christmas, and happy gaming.
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