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The Witcher ... My Exposure, My Adventure!

Posted 7th January 2011 at 11:37 AM by delushin

OMG ... Del, you are so going to get busted for this filth!

You can't blog images like this it's degrading to smiley faces around the world ...

Pfffffftttttttt ... Everyone needs to be part of censorship every now and then

So, I can't remember the actual date as such that The Witcher CD "violated" my computer (ok ok, I liked it) but roughly 5 months prior to this "invasion of sanity" (again lies I am a fan) I made my weekly visit to the local game shop to let them know that it's cheaper online...

I see this collector edition type box with a mean looking wolf like thing on the front. <----- Yes this sentence is proof that somehow I missed the "if any" ultimate forum orgy regarding the release of one of the best RPG's ever ...

This was a box that I had noticed in the same place for a couple of trips now, so why was it still there?

<Godly Voice> Del, you sad lonely excuse for a troll ... Play this game it is good!

Purchase made and I was off see lucky for me I was so far being the times with this game that I was about to experience it from the "enhanced edition" still full of bugs but can't image what it must have been like beforehand.

Installed ... /epic (yes an overused common term for things that are, well epic) this game was epic! The sun came up the sun went down I had my quest log and mind set on making a change ...

Success! My first "" encounter and what was this a reward? A card? What is on that card?

Due to the fact that I am so lucky that when I am doing things right great stuff happens but if I do something wrong (and according to the missus, this was wrong) I normally get an open hand to the head ... See it just so happens that my "Gaming Den" was breached by the "Dragon Lady" love of my life at the same time that this "Witchery" took place and the game decided to give me a card along the lines of the one shown here but well ... worse!

<Godly Voice> Muhahaha, got you nub!

No it wasn't really like that but yeah there was some reassurance that I wasn't going to attempt to shrink myself into binary code and marry the picture on screen.

Was there anything they left out of the title? So the reason why I wanted to share that is of course due to the upcoming release of The Witcher 2! ... SICK

I have since began preparations for the event and added a retinal scanner and voice code to my gaming den, in addition to this just in the extreme case I am infiltrated, I have booked a few days at a relaxation retreat for the other half (because I am a nice guy and love my girl and for no other reason) ...

With an expected mid year release I thought it was now to alert other followers of The Witcher to prepare their game rooms too ...

Have a similar story or just want to share the love / excitement for this release ... comment below I promise not to tell
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  1. Old Comment
    theZee's Avatar
    I picked up my Collectors Edition from jbhifi for $15 not long after the game came out. They had mislabelled it

    The game is indeed one of the best I have played, I'll definitely get the next one.
    Posted 12th January 2011 at 11:28 AM by theZee theZee is offline
  2. Old Comment
    delushin's Avatar
    Agree ... nice we can share tales of our adventures!
    Posted 12th January 2011 at 09:30 PM by delushin delushin is offline

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