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Hard + Core = Dark Souls

Posted 1st November 2011 at 05:25 PM by delushin

Oh yes I know it has been out for quite awhile now ... And well between that and ... /faceplam having to work, I have totally neglected this blog that I have been blessed access to! Well fear not fellow toglets and nublets for I have finaly clocked round one of the game after about 72 hours worth of my life!

This is everything I was wanting and more, I love it and once they make it legal I will marry my games and sexy them to make hybrid versions of them and then I will take those and marry them off to various members of ... oh um sorry about that anyways, how #$%!ing funny is this guys reaction to his mates setting him up! First through I will give you some background on why he is so upset, to get to where he is at the first play through of the game without using any walkthroughs or hacks is pretty hard and nerve racking, he would have died ALOT (in true DS style of course) and the boss on the first encounter is pretty dam scary so ...

OMFG ... tell me you didn't laugh and the devestation on his face and then I will call LIES!

Pretty much guys there is nothing more I need to say as apart from Demons Souls this release is very well known now .. just buying it and enjoy getting your ass kicked, oh and by all means hit me up on PSN if you want to PvP .. delushin <3
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