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What is the difference?

Posted 23rd August 2010 at 09:47 PM by Ebonytears

I was with my sister the other day and made the mistake of verbally expressing my wish for a new graphics card. My sister can basically navigate Facebook and send emails...with assistance. So I dummied it down as much as I could and explained why I wanted to, eventually upgrade my graphics card. She enquired as to which one I wanted. I got a bit carried away talking about a few of the newer ones on the market and what they could do so my brain wasn't really in the right place when she asked me about price. I told her and she went off! Why on god's green earth would I, a single mother of three kids be wanting to spend that type of money on something for my computer of all things!!!. The normal feelings of embarrassment and shame mixed with a slight feeling of guilt began to wash over me.

But...hang on...wait one second! Hadn't she just spent $500 on two new tyers for her motorbike? The one that only gets ridden every 3 or 4 weekends and while camping on school holidays? I confronted her with this and she replied:
"That's different! Motorbike riding is a family activity that we all enjoy. We do it for relaxation and to have fun"
I replied..but that's why I game..it's why my kids game...it's why WE game. She looked at me as if I'd sprouted horns and said:
Surely you're not trying to say that you gaming is the same as my family riding our bikes?!

But that is EXACTLY what I'm saying. Why is it so hard for people to understand? Is it because we game inside? Is it because it requires technology? Why is it that gaming is frowned upon as a legitimate recreational activity?
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    ReaperSmurf's Avatar
    It's only frowned upon by people who don't game.

    I ride (road) bikes. Plenty of people think riding motorcycles should be banned and that it isn't a legitimate mode of transport or recreational activity... but they're not riders so what would they know.

    Personally I think killing animals for sport should be banned... but I don't hunt or fish (and eat very little meat in any case) so I can't honestly say I have considered it from a hunters' perspective.
    Posted 19th January 2012 at 08:43 PM by ReaperSmurf ReaperSmurf is offline

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