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Member Post Info Redesign (aka Postbit)

Posted 12th July 2009 at 08:54 AM by Nestaron
Updated 12th July 2009 at 09:39 AM by Nestaron

Postbit is the name of the template that controls all the information that is displayed in post made by members on the TOG Site. Recently the TOG Engineering department has made some pretty neat changes to this area of the site; with much more planned.

Version 1...

In our first release/version of the redesign we added the "tabs".

The Rank Tab:

This tab was designed to display information on a member's "rank/role" within the TOG community. There are numerous members of TOG who volunteer their time to make this place awesome! Most of these people are recognized with a "Flag" that denotes their role within TOG.

Example (1):

Example (2):

The rank system in vbulletin also controls the post ranks. These are a fun addition to the site used to track a person's post count.

Starting with our "harmless" rank:


Ending with our "spammer" rank:

Lastly we also display the supporter ranks on this tab. This allows those members who choose to be recognized for their financial support of the TOG Site. You can turn this on in your Options located in the UserCP.

The Info Tab:

This tab was designed to show various information about our members. Here you'll find their post count, when they joined TOG amongst other information.

The Bio Tab:

This tab was designed to show more information about our members such as Biography, job, hobbies, homepage and their Instant Messaging (IM) details.

That pretty much concluded the first version of the postbit redesign.

Version 2...

After some feed back from members we added two additional post ranks:


We also wanted to make Reputation more visible and a more important part of the postbit.

Part of the changes we made was to install a mod that extended the reputation limits by leaps and bounds. Then Bayland came up with four (4) new graphics to replace the generic ones the mod came with: ,, &

The mod works more like a meter now and will track the member's progress to the max reputation rank. Also we added a mod that allows you to see the last 20 reputation hits/comments you've given. This should help those who want to know when they can give rep to the same person again.

We also added a link to the Reputation Guide as part of the update. You can click on Reputation next to the member's reputation total to go to the guide.

Lastly we re-added the vMoods mod to the site. This was a neat little mod that many members enjoyed. Recently it was released for vBulletin 3.8x and we made a small change to use the UserCP to control the mood setting, versus the navbar; which is the default setup.

You can go to your UserCP to set your mood and it will appear in your post. You can also choose "No Mood" to turn off your mood.

The Future...

There are two more tabs planned for the next phase of the postbit redesign. These will focus on recognition and blogging. More details will be forth coming about these changes as we get closer to the release of the next version/update.

We hope you enjoy these changes, and special thanks goes out to MrWizard, Bayland and Ashlann for their work on the postbit redesign. Also thanks goes to Sir Fitz and Ryo for their input and suggestions for this project!
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