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Chapter 2

Posted 11th October 2010 at 08:34 PM by Ninja Gizmosis

Chapter Two

The Taming of Sacro

“Another day, another corporation run fleet operation,” Sacro was thinking again. This was about the third week in a row where BALM had been hunting down pirates in both low and high security areas and, as usual, Sacro was being left with the corporation newbie’s. The main fighting force today was being made up of Triask, Emearg, Kujack, Viper and Setelle. Unlike the operations of the past few weeks, today BALM was in the open. Kujack was the shield logistics pilot, while Setelle, Viper and Emearg were flying battleships, and Triask was flying a tackling and jamming capable cruiser. Accompanying Sacro was Rokmun, Flint 1 and 2, Bezza, Malphia, Cyk and Kaldarius. Bezza, Bellie and Courtie were running late again and that was really getting on Sacro’s nerves. Four times in the past three weeks he had been left on the outside as the “guard” in case something went wrong. Did Viper not trust him or something? Why, when he was consistently being asked to be fleet commander for the corporation, was he constantly being left with squad two? With Melantari away for a couple of weeks now, Viper was becoming less and less talkative with the rest of the corporation; something just had to change.
Over TeamSpeak, the pirate raid seemed to be going well; Kujack had the shields and capacitors nearly full for all of squad one and they had killed, but not podded, three of their five intended targets. Only a battleship was left fully untouched, but that would go down quickly under the massive amounts of firepower that was out there.
Sacro once again inquired, “Can squad two enter the fight for some practice?”
“It’s not safe enough in here for your squad Sacro,” answered Viper.
“It’s never safe enough!” exclaimed Sacro. “These guys can fight you know!”
“Next time mate, next time we can reverse the roles,” stated Viper.
“Oh crap!” yelled Bezza, “My shields are being hit!” Sacro had taken a shot at Bezza knowing full well that whilst they were of the same corporation, Concord, the military police in the area, would not retaliate.
“Help him Sacro,” yelled Viper.
“I am, he’s learning the hard way like I have”, snickered Sacro.
Bellie called out while he aligned to the closest station, “It’s Sacro doing the damage!” Too late did he notice the five combat drones circling him and that his shields were no more.
“Fight you little wimps; show the boss man that you can fight. Take me into hull, if you can,” Sacro stated.
“Sacro, what the heck are you doing man?” inquired Viper.
“I am teaching these suckers not to be late to an operation; I’m sick of it and I’m always left out there so they don’t get ganked and you get all the fun!” Sacro noticed his shields starting to go down. On his tactical display he could see that Rokmun, Flint1 and 2, Malphia, Cyk and Kaldarius had all locked him up. “Maybe these wimps could fight, but who was organizing them?” On the corporation channel he read that Courtie was sending out orders, orders to put him out of action. No later did Bezza’s ship explode. “Haha, one down.” Next on the list was Bellie, but Bellie was running and BALM members never run from a fight unless told to; Bellie had to die next. It was interesting though that Viper had not come to the rescue of his corporation mates... maybe he was locked down in the other system with the pirates. Even Kujack had not arrived, but Kujack would have been an easy kill in that logistics ship.
“That’s not going to help you lead a group into battle Sacro,” came Viper’s voice over TeamSpeak.
“Maybe not, but we will see if they have any guts when it comes to fighting; these ‘rock apes’ should still be able to hold me, but we will see about that,” proclaimed Sacro. It was only then that Sacro noticed that his targets were disappearing from his tactical display. His locked targets were becoming unlocked and people were disappearing but not warping away. Who had the jammer? Flint 1 and Flint 2 were learning jamming, but when did they outfit one? They had practiced with it last week but Sacro was sure that it was not fitted to either Flint’s ships. And where were all the others? Cloaks, it had to be cloaking devices, and if that was the case, all he had to do was move the drones around until he found them.
Sacro’s second squad had sorted themselves out, they had practiced many a time against other BALM members whist being watched by Sacro and told what to do. This time they were going to do it right against the teacher, the teacher who had shown them all the things that they had done wrong. Squad two would hold Sacro to his disadvantage; they would surround him without him able to find them; they would report all of his movements and they would find his weakness. Realistically, the only weakness in Sacro’s ship was the capacitor, take that out and you had a chance; that and the drones. But drones could fight drones, and there was enough drones being carried out here to fix that problem. Flint 2 created a new chat channel with the members of fleet two so that Sacro would not know what was being organized. One by one, they uncloaked, released their drones against Sacro’s drones, then cloaked up again and moved away; Sacro’s drones did not last long.
The advantage over cloaked people is to use your drones to ferret them out. Sacro had just lost that advantage and now twenty plus drones were onto him. He opened up with all he had. Drones started disappearing, but so did his capacitor levels; squad two was a support squad, therefore capacitor neutralizers and vampires, repairers, and tackling ships were at hand. These were to be used and lost to help squad one escape, but this squad was not meant to be this good.
Kaldarius and Rokmun appeared behind Sacro, obviously getting too close to each other for their cloaks to work. But both were locked hard onto Sacro, but Sacro still could not get a solid lock on either of them, and was still losing capacitor at a drastic rate. No active tank turned on, and his guns still spewing out death to the drones circling his ship, as the fight continues. Light drones didn’t take much to kill, if you could hit them; they moved fast.
With his capacitor all but gone, Sacro aligned himself with the closest sun; warping to it would hide him if they chased him. His ship turned slow... too slow for his liking, and he knew what was going on. Malphia had to be here somewhere, slowing him down. There he was, 2,500 meters away and yes, the energy pulse that was coming out was all too familiar to Sacro. He still had his warp available due to the fact that he had taken out Bezza. He flicked the warp switch and awaited the satisfaction of getting away. But it was not going to happen today; forgotten as usual, was Cyk and his ability also to warp disrupt. All of squad 2 was now uncloaked and surrounding him; no capacitor available, no drones alive and he was going nowhere. Through the gate not more than 1,000 meters from him, Viper and squad one arrived.
“Looks like squad two can handle themselves quite well I see”, acknowledged Viper over the voice comm. Viper would pay for the ship loss of Bezza as Viper himself had learnt how good this squad was; Sacro had taught them well and it showed, maybe it was time for them to have a go instead of sitting back in support. Sacro also had to admit that this squad was good, perhaps he has taught them better than he realized, although, time would tell. Sacro had been tamed by the squad he taught, a squad that was ready and now he had to prove to Viper that he was ready to lead them. Sacro had no other option than to surrender.
That was all that Viper needed to realize that Viper, and his squad, were ready, which was kind of good actually because Viper needed a break from always leading in group one. To see Sacro not only teach his pupils how to fight, but also know when to back down, gave confidence in making the decision to let Sacro lead the next mission. And that was how Sacro came to trust his squad and his abilities, and Viper came to trust that things could be done without him always looking over their shoulders.
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