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Chapter 3

Posted 11th October 2010 at 08:35 PM by Ninja Gizmosis

Chapter Three
From BALM to the Dragonís Nest

The decision had been made, those who wished it were moving there alliances over to Dragons Rage Corporation. It was time to play with the big boys in this universe.
BALM was always looking at going this way, but with Viper talking to Dragonís CEO Kroolish, we were now going to test the waters. It would be a decent trip to their headquarters and a few were making it. With Relatives installed to watch over BALMs community, Viper, Melantari, Grendel, Tavardi, Sacro and other high ranking officials started the journey.

Forming the fleet to head from Bei to Fruligur, Viper was constantly on the ariw2ves trying to answer questions that he himself had no found answers for. He was also in two minds as to weather or no this was the right thing to do. They were leaving behind what seemed to be a safe haven of friends and acquaintances that had served them well and were heading into the relative unknown. Capt Archer had told them about what to expect and as usual, it sounded too good to be true. He had also arranged for the BALM members to chat with Kroolish about the move.

Whilst the trip to Fruligur was a quiet one with no real hassles.... after arriving at the offices or Dragonís Rage, and applying, things started to turn a little more hairy. Now they had a choice to make. 1. Do you try and pilot yourself out to the main station or 2. Do you transfer your medical clone to the station and then suicide yourself to get out there. Either way sounded dangerous. Whilst trying to navigate that way, you could be caught by the many various pilots out there looking for new blood in the area. But podding was also rough on the system. The headaches of the transformation, the aching of the so far unused muscles and the torment the mind had to go through was sometimes enough to send the strongest pilot into the madhouse.

There was another small problem as well. They were being tailed by a little Amarian destroyer who no matter what they did, would not seem to get off their tail. Melantari was chosen to sit back and find out who this was behind them. Mel jumped into a parallel system and decided to double back on the destroyer. Well it showed as a destroyer on the ship scan but it seemed oddly out of shape for an Amarian one. On doubling back, he saw the ship and recognised it at once. He had seen this ship many times including in its construction. It was his sisters. It was the Amarian Road Train of Grief, as he called it. They were being followed by Melantari 401A. A clone gone wrong had created this sister of Melantariís.

Mel called back to the main group that the threat was not a threat and that Viper was in trouble. Viper not sure what to make of this enquired about why he was in trouble...
401A was the response and Viper turned green in his seat. He thought that he had gotten rid of this problem. Viper was supposed to have been on a date in one of the many pleasure dromes in the Bei area with 401A, but he had renigged on his responsibility and sent freeze dried roses in his place. This had obviously not gone down well with his supposed date and she had been hounding him ever since.
It was supposed to be a double date with Berryl and Shinjo. A date where it would be explained to Shinjo what was happening and an invite sent out to him to join them. Well... Shinjo had watched from afar as Beryl and Viper had dinner not 50 meters from the waiting 401A, whilst he shucked oysters in the Blue Oyster Bar. He hadnít of yet told Viper that 401A was sitting there crying her eyes out and he had not the slightest inclination of calming her, knowing full well that she would latch onto the first male she saw and recognised.
Well now they were being tailed by the little girl with the massive crush and she was bringing everything with her including the kitchen sink. Viper could only run and hide. She was hot on his tail as if a beacon was sitting in his pants.

Viper decided the only thing he could do was to clone jump to the new system as that would leave her no way of following him. Melantari also decided on this as he was just as likely to have a device planted somewhere. The others chose multiple ways of going. Shinjo coming in from another way was laughing so hard, he hit an advertising sign outside of a jump gate and got a nasty bill from Concord. A bill that had to be paid before leaving the system. The only thing that could be heard on the airwaves for the next few hours was the laughter and jeering at Viper and the melodramatic song of ĎHere comes the brideí. Viper was constantly turning from red to green as different verses were sung. He could not wait for the trip and to finally ( he thought) be rid of the little joke he had tried to play on the little Amarian girl known as 401A. A joke that had come back as a nightmare and kicked his crooked little but way across the universe.

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