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The "randomness" of gaming fun

Posted 14th January 2011 at 11:35 AM by Rage

It's surprising how "closed doors" provide reasons for us to explore other avenues or even reignite past passion. This proved to also be the case in the gaming world for me recently. I have recently discovered the joys of the Call of Duty series, in particular, COD4 - Modern Warfare and with the recent release of Black Ops, I've been chomping at the bit to get my hands on it and start "ranking up". Unfortunately though, my hopes were dashed when I loaded it up and found it to be unplayable on my dual core. Even with all the video settings turned down, my frame rate was just terrible and I could not play it.

On the upside, it had been a while since I had started up "ol faithful" (COD4) and the (although small) taste of COD again inspired me to reinstall it and start playing again. I had successfully ranked up all the way to level 55, but after reinstalling, discovered that my rank had been reset. It didn't concern me a whole lot because it's given me something to work on while I save up the pennies to invest in a quad core and get Black Ops running for me.

My prefered game style has always been Team Death Match (TDM). I'm not really sure why, perhaps it allowed me to spend more game time ALIVE while I learnt the maps. On Saturday though, I discovered Search And Destroy (S&D). My understanding is that this is very similar to Counter Strike, where one team must use a bomb to destroy the objective while the other, must defend it. You only have the one life each round and you must use it wisely. I don't know how many hours I spent playing on Saturday, but I LOVE it. It is now my new favourite game style.

Over my ninety-something hours spent playing TDM, I've discovered the best way to play the game is agressively. Choose a shotgun or something similar and run in and start firing. Hopefully you can kill enough people to build up a kill streak and call in an air strike. Once you have the air strike, you can call it in to get your helicopter. Call the helicopter in on your next respawn and all going well, you'll build up another air strike.

But I enjoy playing a little more, let's call it, "smartly". I want to sit back. Sneak around corners. Hide in the grass. Snap off one or 2 people with the sniper rifle or more often than not, the M16A4. And I found everything I love in S&D. I had a great day on Saturday with some totally random people.

But then came Sunday. And what a difference a day can make. I start up on an S&D server and spawn, only to have our entire team flash banged by one of our own members. Ok ... that can happen. Not too worried. Continue playing, get killed. Respawn to another flash bang by our same team member. Alright, this is getting a bit weird, but I'll let it slide. Move on to go and blow up the objective only to start getting shot at by the same team member. hmmmmm..... This is starting to suck. Respawn and you guessed it, flash banged AGAIN by the same *explitive* head. Well, that's it. Can't take it anymore. Move on to another server.

Let's go back to a TDM server for a while. But the stupidity continued there. In one example of the day, I was shot and killed by a single shot. When looking at it through the killcam, I noticed that my "killer" was running only to suddenly stop, look right, pull the sniper rifle up and shoot AT NOTHING (because I was amongst the smoke from a smoke grenade), fired a single shot to kill me outright. WTF? SERIOUSLY? grrrrr .....

Can't wait to get my quad core and start playing Black Ops on one of our own TOG servers.
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    Carm's Avatar
    nice one
    Posted 19th January 2011 at 02:38 PM by Carm Carm is offline
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    i dnt no what im doing in here as cant find how to post... i have an issue with internet gamming if someone could help...

    myself and 3 mates play Black Ops 2 online, occasionally one of the blokes lads jump on... the lad uses an older setup but on the same line as his dad wich is 1.5MB... every time this lad joins me while im in game my game turns to shit and i cant shoot anything... when i go to shoot him i cant hit him... my line ping is 17ms and his line speed is 28-40ms.. why is this happening???
    Posted 27th April 2013 at 12:42 AM by Deevo_83 Deevo_83 is offline

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