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Retro Console Collecting - Part VI (Power Blues)

Posted 21st January 2011 at 06:53 AM by Schizo
Updated 18th February 2011 at 07:07 AM by Schizo

Helloooooooooooo Cincinnati! Are you ready to rock?

...which is what I would say if I were a rock star. In Cincinnati. About to rock out.

But alas, I am none of the above, just your run-of-the-mill console fanatic here today with another installment of Retro Console Collecting. Today I'm going to be discussing the trials and tribulations I've encountered regarding some power issues on the consoles as of late.

I think most of us (myself included) take for granted that when we buy our nice new gadgets right out of the box, packaged right with it is a nice power cord along with it, properly sized to power the device. However, in the console collecting world, this becomes a bit more difficult, as many times consoles will be sold without the AC adapters, or can be packaged with improper ones (as I learned the hard way). I'm sure many of you have a box (or in my case...four) of old electronic junk sitting around your home, filled with AC adapters you have no idea what they go to.

I recently wrote about my find on ebay of a couple of Sega Genesis Model I consoles, along with a Model I Sega CD, and a 32X. However, I only received one power supply that was original to the equipment, and through my own folly, I managed to set the Sega CD on fire by plugging in an improper AC adapter.


Well, now I'm on the search for finding replacement power cords for these devices (and maybe getting the Sega CD fixed?). This is where things get difficult.

From what I understand, the original Model 1 Genesis and Model 1 Sega CD both used the same AC adapter, but this is incompatible with the Model 2 & 3 Genesis. Apparently, this is also the same AC adapter as was used on the Sega Game Gear too. However, the Model 2 & 3 Genesis use the same Adapter as the 32X, which was also compatible with the Sega Nomad, but these are not backward compatible with the older AC adapters.

Confused yet?

Now I sit here in 'analysis paralysis'. I really want to pick up some AC adapters so I can power all these devices properly, but now I'm too chickensh*t to actually go through with buying anything. What if I plug in the new power cord and I burn out another piece of equipment? What if it is a cheap knockoff of poor quality that harms the equipment? What if a plane suddenly crashes into my home and manages to irritate a rather nasty hangnail of mine?

This is where I need a better resource to find out what exactly is and is not compatible with the devices I have. I'm not going to trust some ebay seller who says it is compatible, I need model numbers of OEM parts to match up.

This is the frustrating part. This is my next quest. I will get these devices running!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming:
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