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Chronicling the Schizophrenic ramblings of an individual too freaking stubborn to use emulators and has a passionate desire to collect and play all sorts of retro games and consoles.
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Retro Console Collecting - Part IX (I Suck At Updating)

Posted 21st April 2011 at 05:34 AM by Schizo


You're still here reading this? I applaud your tenacity. I've been far too busy lately with work/life/world domination to post a proper update lately.

Well, here goes.

Managed to pick up the following games off of ebay:
I may be forgetting some others, but I've not had great luck lately in scoring complete in box versions of games in halfway decent condition for halfway decent prices.

*shakes fist* Damn you other collectors!

I also have become in desperate need of another A/V switch. My current switch only has positions for 4 inputs to choose from, and I currently have six devices I need to switch between (soon to be seven as soon as I get off my butt and order the proper A/V cables for the Genesis). However, the ones I've found on ebay are quite small (3-4 ports), so I'm holding out hope that I can find a monster 8+ port switch somewhere...because let's face it: swapping cables sucks!

More good news in terms of finding games locally - yet another video game store has opened up in the area. In fact, it is across the street from the only other store in the city that sells retro games. I stopped in yesterday to purchase a copy of Portal 2. Partially because I would prefer to support a locally owned and operated store, partially to check out the digs.

Compared to the other gaming store in my area, they probably have a smaller selection of retro games, but their Complete in Box selection is much greater. The pricing is a bit (ok, more than a bit) high for a lot of these games, but being that it is locally owned and operated, I probably can haggle the prices a bit. The upside is that you get to see what you're buying before you buy it (unlike ebay), and if the game isn't working or defective, you could easily return it. Try getting an ebay seller to do that!

Here comes the best part. While I was in there discussing old console collecting, I brought up the Gen 1 Sega CD I'd fried (more details can be found here, because this is nothing more than a shameless self-plug to my own blog). The staff at the store stated that they wanted to learn how to repair these, and that they'd take a look at mine and repair it for a discount as long as they could play guinea pig with my Gen 1 Sega CD.

Considering the thing is a brick right now to me, I figured why not? So I'll be dropping that off with them this weekend. I hope they can fix it.

I also learned another valuable lesson. If you go to a store looking for games to add to your collection - bring a list! I have a list of games I'd like saved on my laptop...but it doesn't do me any good there when I'm in the store. So for any of you who would like to start your own collection, make a list of games you want to get. Keep adding to it, and hopefully you can find the ones you want when there are good deals to be had.

Finally (and the most important!), enjoy your collection! I'll gladly admit that one reason I've not been expanding the collection as much lately is because I've been having too much fun playing the games I've bought!

The whole point of this collection was never to achieve 100% completion of owning every game for a system, or getting the most ultra-rare games created. I wanted to play and own all the games I never got a chance to do so when they were new. To sit down and enjoy these older games...and to that end, my collection is a success.

Good lord, I must be sick. I've made an entire, coherent, sensible, and serious post with little to no humor in it at all. I'm sure your reaction has been as such:

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