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Chronicling the Schizophrenic ramblings of an individual too freaking stubborn to use emulators and has a passionate desire to collect and play all sorts of retro games and consoles.
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Retro Console Collecting - Part I (The Intro & Background)

Posted 5th November 2010 at 01:41 AM by Schizo

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new feature I'm starting! My name is Schizo, and in this blog I will be discussing how to continue to be a high-functioning and contributing member of society, all while hiding a severe and crippling crystal meth addiction from your friends, family, and co-workers.

No wait...sorry, wrong blog. I got confused there for a second.

No, today I'll be discussing a new hobby of mine. Retro console gaming - specifically the building of a collection.

Some background: I'm 30 years old. The first console I remember playing was an Atari 2600 at the age of 4. The family that used to babysit me had one. I can remember playing Combat against their kids, and I was hooked. I knew I was a gamer. My parents wanted no part of buying me a console as they just considered it an expensive toy. Well, it took a few years, but finally five years later, I convinced them to buy me an NES.


Well, also back in the day before we had the internet (obligatory "Get off my lawn!" Man, I'm getting old) to inform us of the newest games coming out, complete with screenshots and videos of these soon-to-be released games, we relied on gaming magazines to give us all our info. I had subscriptions to EGM and Gamepro, which did nothing except fuel my passion for gaming even more.

Being a kid with very little income of my own, I had to figure out many ways to feed my gaming habit. Buying games was tough, because it took a very long time to save up allowance money from doing household chores to buy a game. Often I'd trade games with friends, or even rent games for a few days. However, there were always more games out there that I wanted to play than I could ever keep up with.

Once I started reading the magazines, I also realized how many games were out there for systems I didn't even own! How was a young kid supposed to come up with the money to buy a system AND games for it too?

Well, the short answer was: you didn't.

So here I am, much older (not necessarily wiser, mind you). I just bought a house that has more rooms in it that I know what to do with. I have a bunch of my old consoles in boxes that I moved into the house, and now I have some disposable income. It was time to do something I'd dreamed about for years.

Time to go buy all the old consoles and games I never had as a kid and have a room devoted to retro gaming.

I know what you're thinking. What would happen if Pinocchio said, "My nose will now grow."? I say it is like dividing by zero, the Universe would implode upon itself.

But you're probably also thinking: "Schiz, you're a dumbass. Why go through all the time, effort, and money to get all these old games and consoles? Haven't you ever heard of an EMULATOR? Sheesh."

I won't argue the first point (mostly because it's true). However, I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to these things. Emulation is all well and good, and if you enjoy it then all power to you. You'll live a happier, wealthier, and more stress-free life going down the emulation route. On the other hand, to me, there is no substitute for playing a game with the original controller, reproduced on the very same console the developer initially programmed it for. Every pixel is perfectly recreated, and every sound is pristine. No sissy save states, you play the game the way it was meant to be played. Emulators are all well and good, but playing a game on one is a...hollow...experience for me.

Now, if you understand that, then you'll understand the whole point of why I'm doing this.

So that gives you the background on what I'm doing. I plan on using this blog to chronicle how I go about building my setup, my initial collection, and how I plan to proceed. Specific things that I'll address are differences in console hardware versions (and why there are specific ones I lust after more than others), my list of games & systems I want to pick up, my existing games and systems, and the trials and tribulations of picking up pieces to the collection along the way.

So if none of this makes sense to you, or is boring, then go sit on your finger and rotate uh, I mean...I wish you nothing but the best, and thanks for reading this far.

But if any of this does sound interesting to you, then by all means...sit back, relax, pop open a tasty beverage (or eight) and enjoy the ride.

Also, this whole thing is meaningless without any input from you guys. I welcome any and all feedback! Got ideas of how best to snag some retro gaming stuff? Any specific system you'd like me to discuss? Hell, got old gaming stuff you want to sell me? Got a great pot roast recipe I should try? Do you think my writing style sucks and you wish I'd just throw myself off the nearest tall bridge? Let me know!

In Part II, I'll be discussing the setup of the room, along with the current consoles and games I have in there. I promise pictures.

Till then, I leave you with a picture of a cute girl wearing a crazy hat.

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  1. Old Comment
    Bayland's Avatar
    Great Scott what have I unleashed! Great first blog post!

    Dude, haven't you heard of emulators?
    Posted 5th November 2010 at 12:14 PM by Bayland Bayland is offline
  2. Old Comment
    rose of ashes's Avatar
    is that girl wearing a toilet hat?? lol
    great blog & photo - the photo really captured my attention
    Posted 11th February 2011 at 12:51 AM by rose of ashes rose of ashes is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Monty's Avatar
    Emulators are good Bay but sometimes you want the real thing.
    Posted 20th August 2013 at 09:22 AM by Monty Monty is offline

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