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No social networking for you!!

Posted 24th April 2011 at 04:14 PM by Stuman

I'll be straight up and say that I don't have a facebook account. I had one, once upon a time, but in the face of banality, tedium and a general profound sense of uselessness, I deleted it.

I have a twitter account - well one does exist - but I forgot the password one day, then I forgot the name of the #tag I was using, and that was that for twitter.

Do I miss either? No not really.

I sort of miss the games .... must check my farmville crops and see...
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A rambling start to a rambling blog

Posted 26th March 2011 at 03:52 PM by Stuman

One of the big problems with being bored on a quiet Saturday arvo, whilst having access to the internet, a decent computer and a selection of fine games to play - is that indecision that comes around mid-afternoon.

Do you play a game?

"Sure" you answer, "but which one?".

Well considering that the 10 hours of Civ V that got spent yesterday and last night have you seeing hexagonal shapes in your sleep; a bout of waiting in queue for...
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