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A rambling start to a rambling blog

Posted 26th March 2011 at 03:52 PM by Stuman

One of the big problems with being bored on a quiet Saturday arvo, whilst having access to the internet, a decent computer and a selection of fine games to play - is that indecision that comes around mid-afternoon.

Do you play a game?

"Sure" you answer, "but which one?".

Well considering that the 10 hours of Civ V that got spent yesterday and last night have you seeing hexagonal shapes in your sleep; a bout of waiting in queue for Rift for an hour is no one's idea of fun; your Lotro main is stuck in an endless cycle of die/rez/die/rez and your hand is to sore to play the FPS's today - maybe the games can have a rest today.

So do you go and lurk the forums and make some posts?

"Hey that's an idea" you think ..... but then the creative juices seem to be clogged up today and everything you type feels like dribbley custard.

So after 10min of reading posts from long ago on games you haven't played in donkeys - and a short 45min detour into PC testing territory just so you can go "my PC is this fast!!" - the malaise creeps in and you find yourself wandering around the hallowed halls of TOG.

Which leads me in a round about way to the blogs. Which if you are insane, or as bored as I am - are in all likelihood reading now.

As a brief snapshot of my afternoon, this is probably not a good way to start a blog, not that there is a good way to start blogs mind, but I suppose it beats taking up twitter and announcing to no one in particular that bowel movement #5 was proceeded by a wee stream of discourse.

Ahh toilet humour, what would the Internet be without it.
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