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Talera vs The Children

Posted 16th November 2010 at 01:52 PM by Talera

There is always something disturbing about the face of innocence portrayed as evil. Seeing such a pure icon engaging in such acts with a cold look on their normally beautiful face can get the best of us. To me this is what makes things such as the Angels in Dr Who and evil children in movies so disturbing to us. We may not be scared, but it makes us feel uncomfortable and ill at ease to watch.

So I went to watch ‘The Children’ on the weekend. It is a new (I say because it not long got released on DVD) horror movie based as Christmas. A family event, joyous holiday where all the adults engage in such fun and make believe for the children. You get together with loved ones and as much as adults enjoy the event, having happy children around increases the wonder all the more. I thought the concept of children turning evil would make for an enjoyable movie.

The main problem I found is that it isn’t really a movie, it’s a mash together of 2 (maybe 3 if I stretch it) other movies I have already seen. I know horror doesn’t have much room to move for original concepts and really I only expect a ‘mish mash’ to be well done. Some of the actors were good, others not so good. Really the movie was let down by the fact that the children came across as aliens rather than evil, it was predictable and to me didn’t have decent enough acting and script writing to make up for those 2 deficits.

To me the only real good thing about how it was done was isolating it to a family home in the middle of nowhere instead of a city. The concept of what would you as a parent do if your child was seemingly evil. The logic is to accept there is evil, but when there is an alternate explanation, no matter how unrealistic, would you still believe your child was capable of those things or would you take the other option? Despite this being posed well, I don’t find this concept ‘scary’, instead I find it more in the realm of moral hypothetical.

Maybe I’m just odd, A lot of movies that scare others don’t scare me and I find other movies friends rubbish to be very disturbing. All in all I don’t necessarily regret watching The Children, but I won’t be adding it to my collection any time soon.
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