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Talera vs Working out of town

Posted 24th November 2010 at 02:17 PM by Talera

You wonít hear me talk much about my employment on here. What I do say will be fairly limited.

For work lately I have been out of town a lot. Now I have a laptop for work, but canít access most sites and also canít check my home email. Surprisingly enough, this frustrates the hell out of me. It isnít that I canít play computer games or anything. No itís that I perform most of my communications with others electronically now, via email or the dreaded FB.

So when I work out of town, I tend to feel cut off. I am away from home, alone in a hotel/motel and not really able to talk to anyone greatly. Then I feel crappy that most of my interpersonal communications with those who do not live close to me anymore is done online.

I find online easier. Itís quick, frequent and can reach more than one person at once when you have something big you need to tell everyone. But then youíre screwed if the computer breaks, power is out or (god forbid) you work out of town with the above restrictions. I know there are ways around it, like me taking my own laptop and have portable wireless, but given I donít work out of town that often it isnít really worth the expense to me.

So instead I have been spending many nights this month in a room away from home watching bits of movies on pay tv and seeming like Iím ignoring everyone.

My job has made me a snob.
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