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Talera vs the Void

Posted 21st April 2011 at 01:43 PM by Talera

So I have been absent, I fell into a ‘void’.

What did my void consist of?

Well I got sent out of town for work, and it flooded there. Then I went away a week and it flooded there. Then I went back out of town and it flooded there. I returned home for work and it flooded at home. Now I’m not making light of the whole flooding in QLD issue, I was lucky in that my residence only sustained property damage, the goods that were damaged were not essential (though they were incredibly sentimental and included my comic book collection) and nobody I know lost their life. However, once could see that the never ending wherever I set foot ends up wet, well it did not help me want to go anywhere in near future.

So while recovering physically from the water debacle my work increased. Somewhere in there my PC also died, has not been resurrected yet and as such I am confined to a work computer or at best my 6 year old laptop that has keyboard issues.

So while I am confined to a work computer, I will not have time to check the forums. I do undertake to put random words into this thing more frequently…. Sucks to be you having to read my rushed warbling and bastardisation of the English language. I’m sure you will cope and that whatever does not kill you will make you stronger.

Good wishes to all
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