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Talera vs Supernatural

Posted 31st May 2011 at 05:40 PM by Talera

I watch Supernatural. Loved it from the first episode and watch it religiously. I can even tell you which episodes made me laugh my patootie off and which ones were a bit shocking. I can tell you the last episode of season 6 made me say “Oh my god” out loud (but I won’t say why – spoilers and all).

I converted someone else to it this year, not realising I had not converted all my friends. I got into a discussion with him and I realised part of the reason I liked it. It is not a horror which relies on gimmicks. In fact in many ways it’s family friendly.

I know, yes there are the occasional references to material containing nudity or the subtle comment on sexual events. Really, even some PG shows have this now. Despite the references no nudity is actually shown and most things are ‘alluded’ to only.

When it comes to the monster bits there isn’t much gore compared to other ‘horror’ based shows.

The swearing is minimal and what there is I consider to be low grade cussing.

It has the loyalty of ‘family’ even when those you consider relatives are not by blood.

So how does this show, with no real nudity/sex, swearing or gore manage to still draw in audiences despite most other shows relying on at least one of these themes?

Answer is story. Ok yeah some may watch it because those Winchester boys are just so darn hot in jeans, but really that can’t carry a show for six seasons.

I find it refreshing that there is a show on TV which does not rely on the mainstream gimmicks current modern programming contains. That they rely on story each and every episode. They don’t drown with constant character development, swapping in monster of the week episodes. The shows don’t always take themselves seriously and humour abounds. There are pop culture references for a varied audience and really what other show has slow dancing with aliens to ballads after being abducted?

I admit I was concerned when they extended it beyond the five originally intended seasons, would they be able to keep on story. Initially season 6 seemed forced, but my doubts were alleviated when I realised it was just because of plot set up for the big ‘oh my god’ finale.

Carry on my wayward son, I will continue watching.
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