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Talera vs Assault on Precinct 13

Posted 6th June 2011 at 02:14 PM by Talera

I think this review may cause some people to wonder what I知 on, or want to hate me for things I知 saying.

I know this movie came out yonkers ago, but I only got around to seeing it last night. Currently I知 on two minds about whether I should have bothered.

Ethan Hawke, good actor, pinnacle in my opinion was Gattaca and to be honest since he split with his wife, he looks more and more washed out (but I do acknowledge some good movies in that time). Which of course meant he looked totally appropriate for playing the ex-undercover police officer who is drinking away his guilt while hiding behind a desk.

Laurence Fishburne does well in his crime boss show no emotion where possible character. No surprise there.

Queue start of movie, 2 minutes on why our main star is a guilty hero. Wakes up and drinks. That is really all the background we get on him bar a small conversation with a shrink later in film.

Queue moving boxes (okay, I can see without reading the back we have a siege in an understaffed secluded building unlikely to attract attention). Main baddie arrested, taken to shiny new station. Emphasis placed on some 粗lite awesome rep police officers.

Sorry, but straight up we can see bad guy has secrets on the 粗lite police because they are the real villains and they will organise him to be held at dodgy building only guarded by guilty police officer where they will attempt to kill him. Guilty police officer goes through an amazing transformation where he takes charge and becomes a hero again. Guilty police officer and bad guy will form some sort of respect for each other without actually becoming friends.

Voila. The first 10-15 minutes tells you how the rest of the movie will pan out. Sorry if you think I have put in spoilers, but really if you didn稚 pick it then not my fault as it is very obvious what is about to roll over your screen. So I sat tight and thought 蘇ey maybe the action will make up for lack of subtlety. Um, no.

This movie is what it is. The action itself is limited because they have to make the building and the characters last for the entire show. The 素ight scenes are limited because the main antagonist is outside hidden in his warm car in the snowstorm. The characters 粗motional stories are too quick and unbelievable. This movie just didn稚 sell me. I don稚 think I値l watch it again.
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    neimad's Avatar
    That's because Assault on Precinct 13 is a remake of an earlier film by John Carpenter... and that John Carpenter wanted to do a Western, but instead decided to remake a film from that genre called Rio Bravo.

    The original AoP13 had a similar social commentary about social decay, flawed heroes and how people's motivations can change depending on their circumstances. The success of the original allowed Carpenter to go on an make the most commercially successful "slasher" film of its time, "Hallowe'en" which you may have heard of

    The remake is more of an homage, with a bit more modern action and explosions than its predecessor, so if you were expecting a character driven piece - which some of it is - I can see why you'd be disappointed. However I found it far more interesting than many of the cop/action films that have been made in recent years, thanks to the ideas on which the film is made.
    Posted 14th August 2011 at 12:52 AM by neimad neimad is offline
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    Talera's Avatar
    I had no idea abut the John Carpenter remake issue. Thanks for that! Normally I tend to watch his horrors as I like some of his underlying subtext (which is often present even though people think of certain ones as slasher).
    Posted 20th September 2011 at 12:59 PM by Talera Talera is offline
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