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Talera vs Resident Evil Afterlife

Posted 21st September 2011 at 01:55 PM by Talera

Hm, I found it difficult to put my thoughts together on this movie.

Firstly I wasn't expecting much in the way of plot. The background story is the same as previous movies with the whole virus, Umbrella Corp and so on. a female super human seeking out the evil corp behid the conspiracy and shooting a bunch of zombies along the way. I don't watch these movies for plot, I watch them for action and zombie splatter gore.

I know this movie was at the cinemas in 3D. I didn't get to see it there, which was a shame. However, I do not have a 3D home entertainment system and I had to watch it in the normal 2D version. I have to be fair and say I think the special effects and fight scenes would have been a lot better in 3D as they appear to be designed/choreographed for that format.

The movie itself wasn't enough to engage me. While I paid great attention during fight scenes, the parts in between I tended to multi-task. Again, to be fair to the movie, I don't play the games. Perhaps if I did play the games I would be more interested in the 'filler' between the 'biff'.
The fight scenes themselves were great. While the concept of normal humans being able to undertake such feats is incredibly unrealistic, we have to acknowledge it is based on a game and of course game characters tend to be able to undertake unrealistic feats of heroism.

The highlight of the first Resident Evil movie for me (besides zombie creatures, I lurve zombies). was actually the soundtrack. I own very few soundtracks as I tend to only like one or two songs, but I do own that soundtrack. Again in this one the music was appropriate and assisted in highlighting theme and action as intended. Especially the song in the starting scene.
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    yeah the fight scenes were shot well. I think they would have been awesome in 3d on the big screen. Does make me wish I had managed to get to it when it was showing.
    Posted 25th September 2011 at 02:21 PM by Talera Talera is offline
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    Oh ya it will look awesome in 3D, the concept was good.

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    Posted 30th November 2011 at 07:59 PM by BrushJohn BrushJohn is offline
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