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Talera vs The Human Centipede

Posted 21st September 2011 at 07:00 PM by Talera

This movie was banned from cinemas in some countries of the world. The planned sequel will apparently be banned from more.

As I said before, I watch horror. The notion it is gross doesn't impact me. So the concept of this movie being 'graphic' also didn't concern me. I was interested in the concept of the mad scientist going to an extreme, in the same way I often watch the ones based on human experiments.

Really, with this one I shouldn't have bothered. Seriously, don't bother with this film. The supposedly uber gross scene does not show any detail. The theory is that the first person in the centipede has to defecate and due to how they are joined it passes into the next person. You don't actually see anything though, it is just referred to.

The script and direction was woeful. The acting (for the most part) was terrible. We had the screamer who didn't have any passion behind it, just a loud voice. We had another valley type girl just as unbelievable, who seemed to believe she could convey melodrama just by putting her hand to her forehead every 10 minutes. The same actress, while on the phone at the start, also tended to wait one second before responding to something that the other person could not have possibly said in that time frame (one of my movie pet peeves). The police were stereotypical for movie police and unrealistic for real life ones.

The only positive thing about this film was the performance of the evil doctor. He was so believable as crazy and evil. In fact I don't think if I saw him in real life I could be convinced he was nice. He even managed to convey it with body language, including his facial expressions. It's sad that he was cast in such a terrible movie, I don't think it would help his career.

It doesn't worry me that the second one may be banned in Australia, I don't really want to watch it anyway if the quality of the first one is an indication of the sequel.
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    I'm no where near frightfest or else I would Alas, being in an Aust country town I'm reliant mainly on video stores than even cinema...
    Posted 23rd September 2011 at 09:52 AM by Talera Talera is offline
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