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Talera vs Zombie Town

Posted 2nd October 2011 at 03:46 PM by Talera

I have to admit I have a soft spot for B-Grade horror. It has spawned such legends as Bruce Campbell. Every now and then I queue up a movie that is beyond B-Grade. This is one of those movies.

This movie is probably between D to F-Grade. The camera moves about not for effect but because it was probably filmed with a hand held camera and they could not afford a tripod.

The dialogue and acting is cheesy, but it is intentionally so. This movie is indeed done to be a zombie comedy film. It opens with bogan townspeople who have been turned into zombies wondering through the scrub finding further willing victims. The idea is that the 'survivors' band together in order to determine how to stop them as well as what is causing the phenomenon. However, the trailer and even the back of the case gives away what is causing people to turn into flesh eating red necks (pun intended).

While this film does have some good one liners and also classic things such as zombie geriatrics, it did not have enough of them to fully rescue the film. It does leave you wondering what could have been achieved with a larger budget or even non-amateurs. Having said that, budget and experience does not always make a film better.

The film was entertaining for the 95 or so minutes it ran. But it is not a classic Zom Com like Braindead. You may not find me saying this often, but I think this movie is better watched intoxicated when life generally seems more amusing. However, then you run the risk of doing something silly like singing about how you're going down down down to Zombie Town.
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