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Talera vs The Beginning

Posted 7th November 2010 at 07:57 AM by Talera

So I have been out of town for work for the week. Iím tired and managed to pick up the flu along the way. Due to my incessant coughing and sneezing, despite how exhausted I feel, I cannot sleep.

It is 6.30am. I woke up just after 5am and gave up trying to get to sleep about 15 minutes ago. What is annoying is that it is Sunday morning. This is the only morning I can even try to sleep in. It is the only morning my son sleeps in so Iím boned any other morning.

So here I sit, with a laptop, a good cup of tea, the latest episode of Fringe on and I write my first blog entry while every other live being in the house continues to remain in the sought after comatose state. I write a lie, all of the beings bar my cat who is over attentive when he knows Iím sick and follows me from room to room, hence him being curled up on the couch beside me as of 6.25am.

So I have said I would write a blog previously. My main problem is I donít write to appeal to the masses. I write knowing others could be reading this, but I write to put Ďmeí on Ďpaperí. I donít have a consistent theme throughout my entries and Iím not a Ďreviewerí.

Instead you, the reader, will find a few things. I write about what is in my head. This could be a game Iím playing, a book Iím reading or video Iím watching. I may just write about some philosophical crap that is clouding my mind until I vent it. I will however take requests (if anyone actually reads it and decides they care enough to want to discuss a particular topic).

At times my writing style will be verbose, at times abrupt and short. At no time will I be aiming to offend someone when I write, but I guess you also have to take me as I am.

On occasions (mainly decided by family or work commitments) I may not put an entry for a few days. Then I may become prolific and put several entries in one day.

I guess what I am trying to say is that as per the idea of putting me on paper, my blog will be eccentric and erratic in the same way I am. I hope people can deal with that. The only rule for reading this is that you have to take me as I am.
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