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Time and love

Posted 13th October 2009 at 04:04 PM by theZee

For the past few months my work has been quite busy and due to the travel time to and fro work, I leave when the sun is up and get home. This means I get home just in time to bath my daughter and spend 10-15mins with her before she feeds and goes to sleep. If I'm lucky, when I wake up in the morning, she wakes up at the same time and I get maybe 5mins with her.
During the weekend, I've been trying to relax as much as I can after a long week and I've been taking quite a bit of time away from my wife and the little one to do this. I would still venture out and spend some time with her when she was awake but overall, not that much....and I was OK with it, content to let my wife do the caring and being with her more than me.

This past weekend I have had the chance to really spend quite a few hours each day on Sunday and Monday with her and it was amazing. She is cute, she is lovely and she is absolutely gorgeous. I've stumbled across a little thing that makes her laugh and giggle when ever I do it and it's very special.

What's I'm trying to say is this. Regardless of whether I'm tired or want to spend time by myself, I have discovered that spending time with my daughter trumps all that and I will gladly give it all up for her. Having spent the time with her and bonding with her during the past two days is the best thing I could have done!

At the risk of sounding patronising, my advice is: though you might be busy, or tired or just plain ol grumpy! take the time and invest in your children, you will not regret it
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    Tilce's Avatar
    I'm a teacher Zee, and although we get the holidays. Times at work can be similar to the hours you seem to be working at the moment. I too have a little girl and another one (not sure on sex yet), on the way - but still find it hard to get that time with her during term. Time is a special thing isn't it, and becomes a very valuable investment when you get kids. Keep up the good work mate - and I'd agree with your advice - invest it and there are no regrets.
    Posted 18th October 2009 at 10:23 AM by Tilce Tilce is offline
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    Ashlann's Avatar
    How's fatherhood going mate? I'd love an update
    Posted 17th February 2010 at 01:18 PM by Ashlann Ashlann is offline

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