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Time flies

Posted 24th April 2010 at 02:33 PM by theZee

She's nine months old!

Yesterday I picked them up from the hospital and brought them home, and today I wake up to realise she's nearly 1! I can deny it all I want but she's like a mushroom after a summer rain.

Every day I get home from work and she's doing something else I hadn't seen her do before. When we play, she climbs all over me, crawls everywhere and tries to eat everything!...shoes, rug, couch or toys, nothing escapes her. Feeding her is the funniest thing to watch, she love bread, cheese and water. She demolishes buttered-vegemite toast like the kids on the adds and smacks her lips with every bite, she's absolutely adorable

Have I mentioned she talks!? She's got mama, dada and HEY! pat down. Her first word was mama, and to be honest I was happy about it because my wife is at home all day caring for her. Although she hasn't said anything about it, I think it meant a lot to her. I get my fair share as well, probably more-so, apparently when I leave for work in the morning and she wakes up and starts playing...she's mumbles dada over and over under her breath

So it's been nine months and time flies, she's got my wife's mannerisms, personality and temperament - God help me - only thing I seem to have contributed is my looks and my playfulness - and you know what, I'll happily settle for that.

I'll sign off with this pic emailed to me by my wife when I was at work:

I did say she was the cutest thing ever, right?
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