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Pezza 5th June 2012 06:19 PM

Vids of BO2 in this thread...

Single player LA mission

Will be updating this post when i find more.

an interview

Sp!at 6th June 2012 03:21 AM

At least they haven't over-powered the sniper rifles in this game. And now what are the wall hackers going to be able to do? They won't be competitive. ;)

Juganort 6th June 2012 10:24 AM

I really like the look of it so far, futuristic but not stupidly so and the gameplay looks similar to how it was in Black Ops which is a good sign. Hating that sniper rifle though, I hope they dont find some way to incorporate it into Multiplayer like a killstreak reward or something, like the deathmachine was in BO1.

Pezza 6th June 2012 12:12 PM

Pezza 6th June 2012 12:25 PM

this is a multiplayer screen shot from a video
For graphics lovers... it looks pretty sweet. The lighting which is one thing they are improving looks awesome
Pic is taken from this video.

Also bad news on the microsoft front... they renewed their contract so they will be getting DLC early again. Good news tho, its treyarch, PC wont be waiting 2 months for the DLC collections.

But if they do the elite thing with stuff dropping like they have with mw3 and PC dont get elite then we still will be waiting a while till they have a complete package(4 or more maps), but i hope this time PC get elite so the DLC will be cheaper.

Sp!at 6th June 2012 02:08 PM

It's funny, I remember a time when Infinity Ward were the good guys and Treyarch the enemy.

Juganort 6th June 2012 10:48 PM

Yep, Infinity Ward treat us PC players like the weird uncle at Christmas.

Juganort 7th June 2012 10:30 AM

Here's a good link containing allot of screenshots of suspected multiplayer guns and gadgets

MP1st E3 2012 Black Ops II Recent Footage Reveals Multiplayer and Zombies Screens and Intel

Purg 7th June 2012 10:53 AM

The strike force mode looks interesting. It'd be nice if they were not scripted and had a dynamic nature with the ability to play them multiple times with different outcomes. Also be nice if they were able to be co-oped.

SJ777 7th June 2012 01:00 PM


“The multiplayer community is everything to us. ....,” says Treyarch in a brand new behind-the-scenes video for Black Ops II.
well we know that...after all they did give us Black Ops 1 MP for "free" if you recall:rolleyes:;):D

at about 2:50 on the behind the scenes vid, I'd a sworn I was under the overpass on BF3 Tehran Highway map :P

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