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Monsta 29th August 2012 01:11 PM

Have you booked holidays for BO2 release?
Wondering how many of you are going to really celebrate BO2 by taking the rest of the weekend off?

I myself are toying with the idea. I'd like to smash the game for a few days and prestige ASAP and get a nice jump on working out the best guns etc.

Remember though, every COD game at release is generally a quagmire of shit and frustration while the activation and account servers are smashed. The gameplay is generally buggy and nobody knows what is going on - the BO1 release was really annoying as we could not see servers, hard to log on. I remember Cammo swearing, I remember me swearing more, and SJ was pretty much silent as he gave up and went to bed!

Maybe having to get up to go to work would actually be the less stressful option?? :twisted:

SJ777 29th August 2012 01:55 PM


Originally Posted by Monsta (Post 3640982)
I remember Cammo swearing, I remember me swearing more, and SJ was pretty much silent as he gave up and went to bed!

I think the silence was due to my jaw being dropped so low at the fail that I could not speak:D But you have better memory than me:p I dont recall the particulars of that night but I can definitely say that even if I do prepurchase I wont be planning leave for this one:cool: Tho...Im a bit of sucker:rolleyes: I may end up on TS in the wee hours of release morning swearing at the fail with the rest of you:D

Monsta 29th August 2012 03:31 PM

I remember going down to my mate's shop and picking it up at 10pm.... I had it installed 2 hours before everybody else :P

The fail was massive. Trying to connect to servers was a nightmare, and our own took a while to be able to join as GS were unlocking them in batches.

I will make a decision closer to the time. My boss will be annoying me to take some time off by then.

Gluggy 29th August 2012 10:26 PM

I might do the whole take the day off thing this time around. I didn't do BO1 but I did the old wait in line at EB games for MW3 from midnight to around 2am and then drove like a mad man home and started to load it and another 2 hours later got to play the first game and then had to shower and drive another hour to work, fill in 7 hours there only to drive another hour home that night and try to get in some game time before crashing about midnight completely exhausted.

The day off idea now appeals to me greatly. I'll see how bad the hype gets as we get closer to blast off and make the call then.

SJ777 29th August 2012 10:55 PM


Originally Posted by Gluggy (Post 3641557)
The day off idea now appeals to me greatly.

me too but its nothing particulary to do with BO2 ;):D

CAMMO 30th August 2012 02:20 AM

I remember.:oops:

Monsta 14th September 2012 05:50 PM

Well, I decided to book in 14th-16th for annual leave, and then went to my calendar. I got a rude shock.

Already booked in for the VMware vForum in Sydney on the 14th and 15th!! Not much gaming happening then :(

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