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if you want to have a look at an interesting play for free model try Battlefield play for free.

Its BF2 with some BC2 weapons. Free to play - not hugely polished but a bit of fun. You can spend XP on unlocking other weapons for 24 hours 72 hours or spend real dollars to unlock for good etc...

not saying this is the same as what COD Elite will be but its just for those interested to see a FPS franchise doing something along the lines of micropayments right now.
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Originally Posted by Jaydee View Post
Ultimately, years to come just about everything will be subscription based, currently we are just in the process of it.
Agree 100%. Over the years as each new game is released there will be less and less of the free stuff until it the free version is so crap you'll be forced to pay a subscription to enjoy the game. Its no different from food manufactuers decreasing the size of their product over a period of years. As time goes by you dont really notice it until one day you realise you just paid $3 for a 30g mars bar.

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God that C4 is annoying
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I still think they're "testing the waters" and trying to ween FPS players onto a full time subscription model. But yeah for ow there's still he "free2play" model and not a lot of details on what the difference is. AFAIK they announced that all the "usual" features in previous COD MP play was available in free2play. I think the Sub is more for "Extended premium services" at this stage. You know all the fancy video stuff and stats tied in with the website.

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