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Default Help Needed - Steam Cloud Sync' Screwed All Games


As soon as I tried to exit Steam last night, the Steam Cloud continuously tried to synchronize, but doesn't end. Now all games won't start. Can anyone document the solution so I can play in the CG match tonight please.
Many thanks.

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Default Answer Derived from Pure Dota 2 Forum

Jan 05 2012

Fixing Steam games unable to launch.

Hey guys, it seems that people are experiencing problems launching Steam games, and the issue seems to arise from Steam Cloud settings.
Here is a quick fix that worked for me. Pezzajr on the Steam Forums came up with this, so all credits to him/her.
  1. Start Steam.
  2. Click on Settings -> Download + Cloud.
  3. Uncheck “Enable steam cloud synchronization for games which support it”.
  4. Exit Steam. Click “Exit Now” when possible.
  5. Start Steam.
  6. Navigate to your Steam folder in explorer (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam).
  7. Rename the “appcache” folder to anything else (I renamed it to “appcache_”).
  8. Exit Steam.
  9. Start Steam.
  10. Wait for the pictures of your games in your library to load. This might take a while.
  11. Once again click on Settings -> Download + Cloud -> Uncheck “Enable steam cloud synchronization for games which support it”.
  12. If you restart Steam, you might have to do it all again.
Hopefully Steam fixes this issue soon!

You can find the original post here:
Something i tried to fix cloud problem - Steam Users' Forums
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