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Exclamation COD MW2 Problem

Just wanted to give a heads up with an issue I'm having with COD MW2. This game gets played a lot in my house. My kids have their own copy and they are starting to have the same issue along with their friends to.

The game disc will just keep saying reading....reading....reading. I went to Activision's support website and there is a warenty process to follow. Basically it will cost you $20 for a new disc after you send the old one back. Process could take 4 to 6 weeks.

I know Activision's website has been very busy. I'm trying to get my son's replaced and you need a RMA# before you can send it back. Everytime I put in a request it says the website is very busy and it could take a long time to get a reply. They do have a phone number you can call instead of using the website. The number is in the booklet that came with the game.

Not sure if they used bad DVD/CD's when making the game but just a FYI if your having problems.
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If you press them they should replace it free as its a disc fault. take it back to store or the place you purchased it from.
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I did do the Activision warrenty. It cost me $20. I had to send them my original and they sent me back a new copy. Just a lot of back and forth before they would give me a RMA number to send it back. I have it back now and everything is working.
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I would of fought them on the $20 cause its their problem not yours. How were you suppose to know you were buying a bad disc.
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