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Default Plus Download Feature

So let me get this straight.

You join Plus for a monthly fee. Setup in System settings to download automatically at a given time all patches/system updates.

At the given time it does this but then informs you that you have 30 days to install these updates/patches.

This then requires you to cycle through all the games listed inserting all the disks to activate the patch install.

What a useless feature. So your provider charges you to download these updates (usually included in your download quota admitedly) and if you don't insert the game disk the patch is then deleted from your system 30 days after downloading.

Am I missing something here.?
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What a pain. I've got the Plus freebie, but I really don't think there is any point in it, for me anyway.
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Makes sense to me as why would you want space filled with patches and so on of games you do not play. Admittedly i do not have many games so patches are minimum so i have had not problems to the point where i did not even know about the 30 day thing.

I for one like all the free games i get with my Plus and the updates are great for me as my PS3 will download them automatically while i am at work.

As for download usage problems that is a bummer i do not have to worry about.
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patches get downloaded and installed automatic no need for game disks.
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