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Old 19th October 2011, 03:04 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default EA Hacked?

Well the other day i noticed that i had fifa 12 added to my played games and all of my points had been used to purchase premium content.

Turns out that my account had been hacked and it doesnt seem like im alone.

People are reporting the same issue by the 1000's.

I have spoken to Microsoft about it and the addmitted that it wasnt then who had been compromised but EA.

I stongly suggest that everyone check their Xboxlive accounts and their EA accounts, even more so if you have your credit card details on their.

Quite a number of websites are picking up on it now.

Xbox Live users having their accounts hacked and used for FIFA purchases | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics

Xbox Live accounts 'hacked' via EA and FIFA 12

As Xbox Live-FIFA 12 fraud continues, Microsoft's response becomes maddening

Update: XBL accounts hacked for FIFA 12 gold packs | Xboxer360.com
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Interesting. Only affecting XBox at the moment perhaps but think ME3 and BF3 just around the corner. Could get really ugly really quickly.
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This definitely doesn't bold well for star wars tor that's nearing it's release date . Boy first it strated with wow , now soe and ea .

Makes me wonder who is doing all these hack attacks and why .
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This should be a warning that you need to set up a pass code on your xbox live account.

Sure, it's annoying, but so is having your credit card hacked.
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