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hoping everyone had an awesome christmas and new year and santa bought everytihng you wanted

Originally Posted by Pure Mongrel View Post
Welcome to 2010 TOGers!

I hope this year is full of adventure, enlightenment and discovery for each and every one of you

As a kid, 2010 was the time of science fiction, it was the future

Now that I am here where the hell is my hover board, personal robot and teleportation pod?!?
teleporting would make travelling so much easier, 2010 isnt over yet
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this is why in all the new sci-fi future films, they set it centuries ahead rather than just a few decades ahead, that way no one who watches the film on its release will be alive by then to say "hah you were wrong!"
that or they could take the star wars approach =]

as for teleporting, ever since i read harry potter, i've kinda gotten over it cuz teleporting into a wall just doesnt seem fun... especially if theres no magical beings to reverse it...

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