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Default Did you know ...

... TOG has its own gaming ladder now?

I thought I'd pop in here and let all you console jockeys know we have a new gaming s'ware to help you guys add a new level to your h2h gaming.

There is a link in my signature - click it to see what its about. The gaming ladder allows players to challenge each other and records win/loss stats and over time it uses those statistics to place the better players at the top of the ladder (top rungs) and the other players still learning the ropes towards the bottom of the ladder. It's a great way to allow players to play the same skill level.

It also has a tennis style knockout tournament. It's all for TOG and its all free.

There is a ladder forum in TOG to. Have a look around and if you're interested - PM me or PM as he knows a little about this stuff.
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Thanks Foxy. Good to see ya mate. Miss your voice on TS. Hope all is well with you man.


PS: anyone up for a CODMW2 challenge?
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