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oldskool 5th February 2010 03:50 AM

Oi!!!!! and a fond hello!
Just wanted to pop in say hello and let everyone know I'm still around. :) I've been busy with work and RL. I've also taken up model railroading. This is taking up a lot of my free time. I'm really enjoying it though. Fun to do stuff every now and again that isn't virtual and pixelated :D

I'm still on the Xbox every now and again. Playing mostly CODMW2. I've got some games in with Fall and have enjoyed playing with TOG's as always. Anyone can feel free to join any of my parties and play anytime I'm on.

I may not be active, but I'm a TOG for life peeps....TOG for life!

Wish you all well and a awesome new year!! Hope to see you online!



Bawheidbob 5th February 2010 04:31 AM

good to hear from you skool, you will have to take some pics and show off your tracks some time :)

Pure Mongrel 5th February 2010 07:36 AM


Welcome back dude! You have been missed big time!

Might be time to dust off Tiger 09 ;) (You know the version ... the one without the angry wife level :D)

How is Sax and the rest of the Motley Crew?

oldskool 5th February 2010 10:31 AM

All are doing well. I'll get some pics and post them of the railroad. :)

Pure Mongrel 5th February 2010 11:33 AM


exploit 5th February 2010 05:57 PM

If you ever want any graffiti on those models i`m your man :)

Ryo 7th February 2010 01:36 AM

Heya oldskool :)

George 7th February 2010 03:22 AM

Hey mate you doing?

oldskool 8th February 2010 02:41 AM

Hey all!! that you for the fond hello's!!! I know exploit I'm sure your graphical prowess would rock!!

Ok here are some pics of the layout I'm working on.

Josh Underwood's Photos - Heffe's Model Train room | Facebook



Pure Mongrel 8th February 2010 08:16 AM

Mate nice work on those tunnels. Got me all fired up to pull out my Warhammer and Warhammer 40K paints. Now all have to do is figure out how to make a day 36 hours long and I am good to go :)

If I get a chance I should take some photos of the miniatures I have done in the past ...

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