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Default Dragon Age Origins

Hi Fellow TOGers,

First, I'll start by saying Dragon Age Origins is an awesome RPG. If you haven't tried it, I defiantly recommend it.

I'm participating in a BioWare contest, and part of the contest is to get others to click on a referral link. I get points for each unique click per day, so it will help if you click this link once per day. It will just take you to the BioWare website for one of their newer games, ME2, DA:O, or DA:O Awakening. Please click my link to help me get points!

Clicky here please

If you are also participating in this contest, post your link in this thread and myself and others will also give you clicks.

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That auction is a joke, unless you spammed the heck out of everybody or used some type of bot/exploit, you won't get anywhere near enough points to get anything.

I did click on your link however

And here's mine just for shits and giggles: http://social.bioware.com/brc/1687800
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